Bowling & Leading

If Barack Øbama had given a speech on bowling, it might well have been brilliant and inspiring. But instead he actually tried bowling and threw a gutter ball. The contrast between talking and doing could not have been better illustrated. -Thomas Sowell

I like to think of myself as non partisan. I have always looked to a candidates position on the issues rather than their party affiliation. Most voters can’t or won’t do this. They focus soley on the -R or -D following the candidates name, district, state, etc. This is a scary, scary point. One that, I believe, has the near opportunity to demonstrate its potential for disasterous consequences.

As this presidential contest races forward, we are faced with a choice. As of this writing (3 June 2008), it appears that Barack Hussein Øbama, an enigma, will become the Democratic candidate for the presidency in the 2008.

Think about that for a moment. Barack Hussein Øbama. Someone very few had even heard of prior to this presidential race. Someone whose very name generates suspicion, considering the current geopolitical situation. It begs the question “Why now?” Is this another demonstration of the Democratic Party’s recent role as the “please everyone all of the time (except those damned conservatives)” party?

Who is this Øbama? What does he stand for? Change? What is this change? He says a change to hope. And, after listening to the ever vacillating rhetoric; after divining what I can of the fabric of his character,  I am left asking: “Hope for whom?


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