Lest We Forget…

In a previous post, I noted Øbama’s vacillation on issues. Since the 0216bamanistas are actively rewriting Barack Øbama on his web site, I feel it necessary to remind the curious of what was there:

Regarding the successful troop surge in Iraq: “The problem—the Surge: The goal of the surge was to create space for Iraq’s political leaders to reach an agreement to end Iraq’s civil war. At great cost, our troops have helped reduce violence in some areas of Iraq, but even those reductions do not get us below the unsustainable levels of violence of mid-2006. Moreover, Iraq’s political leaders have made no progress in resolving the political differences at the heart of their civil war.” – barackobama.com

It is interesting to note that Barack Øbama has been backed into a corner by the publicized perception that he has been whipsawing on his various positions, attempting to appear more of a centrist than the devout leftist his record shows him to be. So, rather than now publish that he supports the surge, he’s simply saying “I don’t know.” Bravo, Barack – for the first time, you have placed your finger firmly on the number-one issue that concerns me about you – that which should concern every American: you don’t know – you can’t even guess. During your political career, you have done nothing substantive. You clearly know nothing in the realm of foreign policy. You’re equally baffled on the subject of energy. I could go on, and on, and on.

I do not want this “change” you promise, Barack. I like having a job. I like being able to drive my own car. I like being able to save some money for a rainy day. I like being able to afford to eat and to heat my home. I like not fearing terrorist attacks as I conduct my daily life.  I don’t want to change these things!

To paraphrase Ebeneezer Scrooge of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol: I fear you more than all the others…

Interesting side note: Øbama’s website is designed to not let you easily navigate away once you land on it. If you came there from another site, hitting the back arrow simply presents you with yet another version of his front page – similar to his inability to show consistency on the issues, his website cannot be consistent on its appearance. And, just as he would like to hold our country’s safety and prosperity hostage for “…eight to ten years” (quoting him on his understanding of the 22nd amendment), his main page holds you hostage until you sign up for his newsletter, type in another URL, or close your browser. All seemingly a case of art imitating life…


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