An Open Letter To Mr. Steele And The Republican Party

As my children continuously say: O-M-G!

Well, well. So now we have a “bipartisan” health care bill in the house, according to that wicked witch of the west, because Joseph Cao (RINO, LA) voted for this huge wedge of socialist pie-a-la-mode.

Mr. Steele: every day, just about, I get a mailing from you about how the Republican party is the party to save the country from this upcoming abyss of socialism, from this obama-nation. Mr. Steele, once again your party has demonstrated that it clearly IS NOT that party. Sure, there are some members of the Republican party that could form the nucleus of just such a turn-about, but it has once again demonstrated that the Republican party is just some club where people who want to wear a particular label gather – whether they espouse the tenets assumed to be associated with that label or not.

The socialist democrats gather their strength in the fact that, likely as the result of abuses or head injuries throughout their collective childhood, they FIRMLY espouse their tenets, and lust after their party goals to the extent that they are more than willing to ignore the desires of their mewling constituency to move those goals forward. But the key is they move together. There is STRENGTH in a unified front, even if the goals of that front are insanity; anathema to the concepts and goals which saw this nation into existence.

So what am I to make, Mr. Steele, of these Joseph Caos, these Olympia Snowes? How are they allowed to continue to move through the political circles carrying a label so contrary to their actual ideals and goals? Let me ask you: can I take a bottle of DrainoTM and relabel it as V8TM without suffering some legal action from CampbellTMover misusing their label? How is it that the performance of Cao and Snowe and their ilk is any different? Isn’t false advertising illegal in these United States? By their continued performance, didn’t these “Republicans” campaign and sell themselves to the public under false claims?

EJECT them, Mr. Steele. Stop allowing the wicked witch of the west and her colleague in the Senate and oval office to claim the prize of bipartisanship because they manage to insert an imposter into your ranks. Do not let those who do not act as the Republican party wishes them to act to continue to call themselves Republicans, and maybe one day you will number me among your ranks.

In the meantime, I will continue to vote as a conservative constitutionalist. You? Save your stamps. I don’t even open your mailings any longer. Especially those from that other “Republican” McCain.


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