We’re all children in the eyes of the bureaucracy…

While cleaning up a huge backlog of old email, I came across this gem:

According to Turner, the US EPA says that gasoline has never been assessed for safety. Were it to be today, would members of the public be allowed to dispense it into their vehicles so freely? -Jamie Turner, head of advanced powertrain development at Lotus Engineering quoted in Just-Auto, 2 June 2008

So, then: can we finally admit that the EPA is a worthless organization? The EPA’s assessment, as conferred by Mr. Turner, would be that gasoline is unsafe for the average motorist to freely and regularly dispense into their vehicle gas tanks and portable gas cans. Yet, for about 100 years now, we’ve all been doing just that! And if you normalize the data of 100 years or so of gasoline against the relatively few years of, say, EPA-preferred giant wind turbines, the number of relative accidents per cycle would be higher for the turbines than for gasoline. Further, limit your analysis to modern pumping equipment, vs the turbines, and you’d be writing your congressmen to have them banned for being a hazard to life and limb.

What? Environmental safety is the issue, you say? Let’s face it, folks: “enviromentalism” is not based in science. It is based in emotion for most, religious zeal for others; and in greed for money and power lust for those who drive it.


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