Mr. Gore: Wherefore Art Thou?

So, now, as the “climate change” hysteria is finally being reduced to the trash science it truly was; as the momentum behind such contrivances as “carbon credits” and other drivel is turning to vapor, I ask the pertinent question: Mr. Gore! Where are your speeches now? Why the silence? Why the invisibility?

As high priest of this earth religion you’ve founded, I’d expect you to be battling back all the infidels who are bit by bit exposing this “global warming” as the sham it really is! As the chief shaman of that particular tribe, where is your celebrated leadership on this issue?

I suspect, like in a poorly written 1950’s B-rated jungle film, you’ve slunk off into the shadows with what treasures and trinkets you’ve managed to strip from the primitive natives prior to their discovery that you really aren’t a god; that you were just out to raid their treasury after all.

Tsk, tsk. Yet another liberal icon falls to the reality of his core values…


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