Germany, 1933…

Words fail me. This disturbs me – as I hope it disturbs you. (Give it time to load.)

Pretty scary, isn’t it? And not the first time this has happened. Remember the “Barack Obama mmm mmmm mmmmmmm” song some leftist “children’s books” author foisted upon some very young children at B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, NJ early in his presidency? (It has been removed from You-tube, or I’d link it here to remind you – its removal was likely because the videographer never obtained the parents’ permission permission to film it, let alone publish it on the internet. Ever notice, too, that leftists never believe they need permission, but heaven forbid a conservative behave similarly!)

Edit: Ha! I found it! uh, er “enjoy”…

Or what about his videotaped speech directed to all the school kids last September? Thank God my kids’ schools saw fit to opt out of that one.

Am I the only one terrified by this “president’s” actions? Where is the moral outrage over the abuses of office? Why aren’t we tearing down the media outlets, forcing them to do their job? Is it that we are all resigned to the nazi-like state that these incidents bode for our country? Are we afraid to speak up because we expect this jackass to achieve absolute power and send his minions in Acorn and the “health care army” to collect his detractors?

Or am I simply asleep, having a bad dream – perhaps induced by the delirium of a serious illness? I keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare, but I fear I’m not sleeping. I fear we’ve become a country of sheep. And Obama’s come to quietly lead us to slaughter…


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