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The Republicans Are At Fault. They’re ALWAYS At Fault…

7 July 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks rationalize things. I recently stumbled across a conversation regarding the cost increases planned for passports soon. One respondent indicated that it was a transparent tax on the “rich” because, typically, it is the middle and upper class people who acquire passports in order to travel out of the country. This was countered with it not being a tax, but a “Reaganesque user fee”. So, somehow, the Republicans were responsible for this increase targeted at businesses and those who can afford international travel.

Folks, no Republican is in control. No Republican has been in control for some time. Liberals need to stop looking backward. The future is ahead of us, and while you are all looking backward to assign blame, those in power are slowly robbing you and your children and your children’s children of the “American Dream”. We and those who come long after us are destined to be tax slaves to the policies being put forward by those currently in power. Wake up. Wake up and grow up.


Our Fears, McChrystallized

6 July 2010

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is only one person put out of work by the big Ø (and that’s intentionally not an “o”). Millions upon millions of others are out of work because of the policies of The Great Imposter and his clique. Many millions more will be out of work before he is done.

The New York Times reports that Gen. McChrystal is not taking to retirement so well. Cheer up, Stanley! I’m sure that once we’ve kicked these idiots out of office, you can be reactivated. Consider it a vacation: in the opinion of the majority of the American People, you said nothing that we did not already understand for ourselves. Just look at the polls! Since the libs always want to rule by polls, their current status in public polls should be instructive.

And, yeah, I agree with Article 133 of the UCMJ – such speech about POTUS is definitely unbecoming of an officer, as POTUS is commander and chief – however, we currently have no POTUS, and the current occupant is no commander in chief:

First, he demonstrates incredible ineptitude at the task. Had the theater not been operating efficiently when he came to office, I am confident that we would have experienced another Carteresque failure in the middle east. It
is a credit to his handlers that he has not been allowed to pull all the troops out as precipitously as his campaign promised, but that takes little talent.
Second, no-one so unwilling to put to rest the claims of the “birthers” can possibly be innocent of the claims made against him therein – the simple release of the requested documentation would do it. Instead, he childishly calls his tormentors names while clutching the documents to himself – Saul Alinsky would be so proud!

In any case: suck it up, soldier. I’m sure you’ll be back. (Now, as for the lack of common sense that allowed you to make such comments to a Rolling Stones reporter, of all people: maybe you should only come back as a major…)