The Republicans Are At Fault. They’re ALWAYS At Fault…

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks rationalize things. I recently stumbled across a conversation regarding the cost increases planned for passports soon. One respondent indicated that it was a transparent tax on the “rich” because, typically, it is the middle and upper class people who acquire passports in order to travel out of the country. This was countered with it not being a tax, but a “Reaganesque user fee”. So, somehow, the Republicans were responsible for this increase targeted at businesses and those who can afford international travel.

Folks, no Republican is in control. No Republican has been in control for some time. Liberals need to stop looking backward. The future is ahead of us, and while you are all looking backward to assign blame, those in power are slowly robbing you and your children and your children’s children of the “American Dream”. We and those who come long after us are destined to be tax slaves to the policies being put forward by those currently in power. Wake up. Wake up and grow up.


One Response to “The Republicans Are At Fault. They’re ALWAYS At Fault…”

  1. Rich Boone Says:

    George W. Bush in particular was never “in charge” the way that Obama and other Democrat Presidents have been. 52 votes in the Senate was the high water mark. With all the Rino’s included that isn’t much control.

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