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"Sportsment for Øbama:" Can You Hear Me NOW?!

30 August 2010

I recall seeing “Sportsmen For Øbama” bumper stickers back during the 2008 elections and thinking How on God’s green earth can any sportsman be for anyone with such a clear bent against their pastimes? I mean, The Great 0ne didn’t even pose as a sportsman as others (re: Kerry) have in the past. I had discussions with many of these liberal sportsmen at the time, pointing out the risk their position poses to their favorite pastimes, but to no avail. They wouldn’t hear me.

I’m not terribly fond of fishing (my wife killed that early. Girl’s? Ya wanna keep your man away from the fishing hole? Use this line: “I’ll just fish off the dock here while you clean what we already caught.” Then proceed to catch more fish than the apostles pulled up after Jesus told them where to cast their net.  I had never spent so much time hunched over the cleaning table before that – and I never will again. Lost my taste for fishing that day, to be true…), but I am an avid shooter and hunter. Your buddy-ol-pal in the Oval Office is circumventing the will of the people by circumventing congress (not that THEY’RE much like the will of the people recently, but they do still know which side their bread is buttered on with regard to issues like this) in directing the EPA – that’s right: the counter-constitutional bureaucracy formed during ANOTHER famous failed democratic presidency – to regulate the use of ubiquitous LEAD in fishing tackle and ammunition.

So, now besides being taxed out of the fields and streams, you’ll not be able to afford the accouterments of your avocation.

Since I don’t make over $250,000 a year, you’d think I’d still have hunting and fishing cash – but that hurdle keeps dropping lower and lower as they keep finding new ways to draw the money from my pocket! There’s the ever more-encompassing AMT. There’s the increases in government fees for things like passports; hunting and fishing licenses. There’s the expiring “Bush tax cuts”. The proposed change in the FICA tax ceiling… A creative lot, are these elected thieving bastards!

So what are the alternatives to lead? Tungsten comes to mind as a commonly offered alternative. As of this writing, the spot market price for lead is $0.942/lb. Tungsten is $13.381/lb, or fourteen times more expensive!

So tell me? How often can you afford to go afield with a $99.30 box of shotshells? Does $170.40 seem too much to pay for a box of tungsten fishing sinkers? You know: just like the lead ones that you used to pay $12 for at your favorite sporting goods store, only 14 times more expensive?

So, Sportsmen for Øbama: Can you hear me now?

Well, know this: Øbama, in his move to use the bureaucracy to do this is indicating that he doesn’t WANT to hear from you! He doesn’t care what you think or want. He didn’t ride into Washington on your backs, but on the backs of all those environmental special interest groups and other un-American factions. You simply served in the supporting role of useful idiot. So, step right up to the counter, sons and daughters, and get what you asked for. Unfortunately, though, those of us who knew better get to suffer right alongside you.



Talk to the avatar, the face ain't listening…

24 August 2010

So, James Cameron, director of Avatar wanted a “high noon” showdown debate with the infidels of global warming who don’t believe that the science around the global warming hysteria is science, let alone settled. And, of course, it played out like one of those old westerns where the braggadocios junior gunslinger, after ever-escalating demands and rhetoric,  backs out of the fight and quietly slinks away as the appointed hour approaches – no debate was held; I guess Cameron had only a knife for the impending gunfight.

Is it just me, or do others sense that something is just not right with the people who populate the big and little screens, and those who work in their shadow? Are these people like this before they get there, or is there something in the water in Hollywood?

I mean, if you think about it, these people universally think they know best. This jackass even believed that he could help the BP situation – because he filmed underwater scenes for Titanic, I guess. His plan? Why, to drop a camera to “image” the leak – existing cameras already doing so notwithstanding. How would this help, you ask? Why, using BP’s images “you’re asking the perpetrator to give you the video of the crime scene.” (Honest, folks: you can’t make this stuff up…)

So, Cameron is an expert on climatology AND on deep water disasters. I’m surprised that he didn’t offer to tap his vast experience gained through The Terminator series do develop a Dutch cyborg to swim down and stick its thumb in the hole.

Look: Cameron has made some great movies.  I really enjoyed The Terminator. Avatar, even with its anti-everything-man-has-ever-created-or-done bent was still vastly entertaining. Titanic

…Mmmmm, Titanic not so much. Nobody’s perfect.

But despite his movie making prowess, making movies about stuff does not imply that you are an expert with regard to said stuff. (Nor does watching those movies, folks.)

Me? I say stick to what you’re good at. The only people who take efforts such as Cameron’s seriously either have suffered extensive mercury exposure (and that’s probably why they want all these mercury-based light bulbs in all our homes…), or are cut from the same cloth.