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Neutrality? Yeah. Right…

22 December 2010

OK. Go back, mmm, say 50 years or so. Say that back then, the Gummint said that they were going to open all mail going through the post office, and only allow the mail through particular post offices and various carriers based on their perception of fairness and “neutrality”.

Say  the Gummint would decide what newspapers you could read depending on where you are, or what magazines. Say, too, that they would decide what articles could be published in these papers and magazines in order to ensure that everyone would get the same “neutral” treatment. More, say that this action was taken by unelected bureaucrats. Would you have placidly sat by and let it happen? I think not.

So why should you now? this is precisely what the so-called “net neutrality” rules put in place by the bureaucrats in the FCC allow to happen with content on the internet. This is the first step of the Gummint into controlling a media. If it is allowed to stand, the next steps for them are clear: eliminating content they find offensive to anyone in particular (mostly them), meaning the politicization  of  the internet. All politically approved content, all of the time, by whatever party is in power at the time. This seemingly fair-minded set of rules are a launching pad for future assaults against both your 1st and your 4th amendment rights – and it MUST not be allowed to stand.