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Christians: Matthew 7:15

21 May 2011

Folks, he’s only in it for the money. He’s made a fortune off your superstitions.

Camper: The gaping hole in your “prediction”, aside from your previous failure: Matthew 24:36. And you claim to be an adherent of the Bible. Despicable you.

See most of you tomorrow – after all, every day is the end of the world for some…

Update 21 May 2011, 10:30 pm EDT. Well, there it went. 6:00 pm PST has come and gone. Either a bunch of people have disappeared, and I’m in for 5 months of torment, or… Yeah, well, you get the picture. I hope all you “religious” folk out there who believed this person – even after knowing he’s done  this side show before – enjoyed being bilked. I class this jackass in the same category as Freddie Phelps.

One question did occur to me this evening: if the world actually did end, it would have been pretty ironic. But, if it did, and no one was left to experience the irony, would it still be ironic? Boggles the mind, it do…


Tony left more than his heart in San Fran…

18 May 2011

“I mean, what [Obama] inherited as a president — [Republicans] can’t blame him for anything because they created all of the trouble for him. I think he’s fine. I think he’s great. What’s wrong with having an intelligent man as president?” –Grammy award-winning singer Tony Bennett

Nothing, Tony. Nothing’s wrong with having an intelligent man as president. Mayhap we’ll get one in 2013…

The often parroted claim that 0bama inherited the current state of the union from Bush is disingenuous at best; malevolently misleading in reality. Though 0bama would wish otherwise, it is not the president, most often, that drives the stake into the heart of the economy of the country, but Congress. Even if the president’s policies (like this president’s) are destructive, Congress has the power to block their enactment.

And just who had control of Congress during that time? Wasn’t Bush. Wasn’t even the Republicans. Ask Pelosi and Reid who had control. Ask them why they allowed this, that 0bama “inherited” but, despite his protests to the contrary, continues to exascerbate.

Yeah, I know: one of those “inconvenient truths“. But I don’t think I’m the only one who notices that when bad things happen under a Democrat’s watch, they blame the previous administration and, when present, opposition in Congress; when Good things happen they attribute it to the mastery of the current administration. The converse is true when a Republican is seated. Interesting, but transparent as all hell…

Go back to your singing, Tony. We don’t buy tickets to hear you expound on your political opinions. Stick to what you’re supposed to be good at.


Just who is raking in the profits of gasoline?! Guess who…

6 May 2011

Lifted wholesale from The Patriot Post:

“Furthermore, as Investor’s Business Daily writes, “Recall just a couple weeks back, when people were up in arms after Exxon-Mobil announced record first-quarter profit. Exxon-Mobil’s earnings came out to 7 cents a gallon, up from 2 cents in the fourth quarter. What about gasoline taxes? During the same quarter, they totaled 48 cents a gallon — seven times larger than Exxon’s profit, which (Exxon’s profits) more than one Democrat termed ‘obscene.’ Now Democrats want taxes to go even higher.” That should help the economy.”

Once again, we look into the the dark cave to find the evil, and it’s our own government. And that’s just the taxes they reap on the gasoline. Is 48 cents a fully-accounted number? What of the taxes on the operations to discover, drill, transport, refine the crude, transport the gasoline to the various depots and stations? What of the costs for the EPA and other permits for those and for the stations, etc. Where does this massive heap of cash get accounted for?

Folks, you’re being taken as fools by your government. They will paint the oil companies as evil, when the US Treasury is, in fact, the biggest beneficiary of your fuel dollar.