Just who is raking in the profits of gasoline?! Guess who…

Lifted wholesale from The Patriot Post:

“Furthermore, as Investor’s Business Daily writes, “Recall just a couple weeks back, when people were up in arms after Exxon-Mobil announced record first-quarter profit. Exxon-Mobil’s earnings came out to 7 cents a gallon, up from 2 cents in the fourth quarter. What about gasoline taxes? During the same quarter, they totaled 48 cents a gallon — seven times larger than Exxon’s profit, which (Exxon’s profits) more than one Democrat termed ‘obscene.’ Now Democrats want taxes to go even higher.” That should help the economy.”

Once again, we look into the the dark cave to find the evil, and it’s our own government. And that’s just the taxes they reap on the gasoline. Is 48 cents a fully-accounted number? What of the taxes on the operations to discover, drill, transport, refine the crude, transport the gasoline to the various depots and stations? What of the costs for the EPA and other permits for those and for the stations, etc. Where does this massive heap of cash get accounted for?

Folks, you’re being taken as fools by your government. They will paint the oil companies as evil, when the US Treasury is, in fact, the biggest beneficiary of your fuel dollar.


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