Christians: Matthew 7:15

Folks, he’s only in it for the money. He’s made a fortune off your superstitions.

Camper: The gaping hole in your “prediction”, aside from your previous failure: Matthew 24:36. And you claim to be an adherent of the Bible. Despicable you.

See most of you tomorrow – after all, every day is the end of the world for some…

Update 21 May 2011, 10:30 pm EDT. Well, there it went. 6:00 pm PST has come and gone. Either a bunch of people have disappeared, and I’m in for 5 months of torment, or… Yeah, well, you get the picture. I hope all you “religious” folk out there who believed this person – even after knowing he’s done  this side show before – enjoyed being bilked. I class this jackass in the same category as Freddie Phelps.

One question did occur to me this evening: if the world actually did end, it would have been pretty ironic. But, if it did, and no one was left to experience the irony, would it still be ironic? Boggles the mind, it do…


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