Enemies, foreign and domestic

Enemiesdomestic. What comes to mind when you see those two words together? Yeah, yeah – I know: the usual suspects: Soros, Pelosi, Couric, Reid, Frank, Matthews, Dodd, Edwards, Obama, etc. How about The Sierra Club? Or, perhaps, The United States Humane Society, or The World Wildlife Fund?

Recently, I came across some very, very good news! Oil fields in Texas, thought exhausted, still contain BILLIONS of barrels of oil locked in the shale below. Better, a process called “hydraulic fracturing” could break it free and enable it to be pumped to the surface! Wow! That could certainly put a dent in our “foreign oil addiction,” couldn’t it?  Enter a new domestic enemy: WildEarth Guardians, an organization I’ll bet you’ve never even heard of. Toss in the “sand dune lizard“, and you have a brand new domestic enemy working their destruciton on the US via their favorite weapon: The Environmental Protection Agency, an agency borne of the lie perpetrated against the world regarding the use of DDT – a chemical singly responsible for the elimination of malaria in the US and many nearby regions – a chemical direly needed in foreign lands but, alas, it was maligned by a “study” that suggested it was responsible for birth defects – a study of which the methods and “science” were called into question within the last ten years.

The EPA:The Left’s  Sledgehammer against the constitution.

Note: This was the post I was working on when the WordPress update went so horribly south in May of 2011. Though it shows a publication date of 13 September 2011, please not that it is MONTHS older than that…


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