I’m Baaaack!

Not Mine: www.dragoart.com's

After a long bout of  ‘net laryngitis, Pateratic is back at it. Problem had to do with a new version of WordPress vs. an old version of PHP.  To update to the new version of PHP on that old server was too dangerous to all the other folks residing there, so I set off to find a new box to pop out of.

In any case, I’ve got my voice back, and none too soon with all the fun stuff going on out in the world lately.

Of note:

  • The Patriot Post has published a rumor of their own impending litigation against the US Government for trampling on our Constitution. Be sure to subscribe at http://www.patriotpost.us to get in on the “ground floor” of this one.  Shoot! Liberal organizations have used the legal system to impose their will on the rest of the country for about… Well, about as long as there has been a US legal system.  Turnabout isn’t just fair play – it’s a necessary and, hopefully, effective weapon in our own armory.
  • Gibson Guitars is under siege for importing wood from India. Wood the Indian government says they are perfectly okey-doke with Gibson exporting from their bonny (or not-so-bonny) shores. Why would the US Gumint raid Gibson under the Lacey act, then, when the Indian government has stated there is no issue? Why only Gibson? Other US-based luthiers use the same rosewood in their guitars.  Could it be that it’s not actually the wood at all, but the fact that Gibson has been found guilty of exporting greenbacks into the opposing political camp? Hmmm.
  • The Republican candidate scene is definitely heating up but, more interestingly, The One’s polling numbers have been so abysmal that there is rumor that he will face a primary challenge as well. Interesting stuff.
  • Another Obama relation finds himself knowing the right people in order to avoid yet another deportation order. Frankly, I can’t recall a president in my lifetime who had close relatives who were not US citizens, let alone illegal aliens. Rekindles the flame around the question: “How did he get in there?

Ah. Feels good to be back…


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