Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…

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The Postal Service is at the wailing wall, decrying a huge deficit, and losses in the billions year over year. The internet, it seems, has obviated most of their services; and like the unionized, rock-banging low-tech dinosauric company they’ve always been, they can’t seem to figure out how to fix themselves.

Just in the nick of time, the superhuman brain trust we affectionately call “Congress” has authorized a delay to a required, multi-billion dollar payment to their retirement health care fund to keep them from slipping immediately under the waves, and, most likely, will be making a move to bail the USPS out – which, I pray, will be strenuously resisted by the (supposed) conservatives in the House.

But wait! Darrel Issa has a plan to save the post office without having to bail them out!  His plan includes reducing the number of post offices; reducing the number of distribution centers and increasing their efficiency, using more efficient vehicles for mail delivery, etc. This all sounds really great! Why didn’t they… uh, wait: if we do all that, won’t you also have to cut the number of postal workers employed by the USPS? Aren’t they socialist, er, I mean: unionized?

There is little chance that any plan that harms socialists – sorry, Freudian slip – unions will pass the socialist – dagnabbit! Another Freudian slip – Democratic Senate. Sayanara, USPS: your own weight and the stupidity of the current Democratic administration are conspiring to pull you under the waves of evolution. Darwin would be proud of you.


One Response to “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…”

  1. Kelper Says:

    The USPS has built a distribution wnoetrk that any private enterprise would be envious of. I wish they would try and stop competing against private enterprise and Congress would see the USPS as a serious public trust that they should be protecting as a vital part of our democracy. UPS, FedEx all those other delivery services can refuse to deliver to an address because there is no profit in it. When we start limiting who is and who ain’t a valuable citizen based simply on their geography in this country, we’ve got bigger problems than the profitability of the USPS.

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