Separation of Branches

Separation of The Powers - Øbama-Style

“In Venezuela, we have been deeply concerned to see action taken to restrict the freedom of the press, and to erode the separation of powers that is necessary for democracy to thrive.”  – Barack Øbama

Really? He went there? Øbama is concerned about someone else following his playbook?

Between the US mainstream media “getting a quiver up its leg” every time Da Øne speaks, and the influence of socialist financiers such as George Soros, we have no freedom of the press. Quite the contrary: we have the continuous droning of the leftist apparatchik. Yes, you can write whatever you like, but, unless it supports the editorial view, the likelihood of it getting into any of the liberal, sycophantic magazines, newspapers, or news shows of today is pretty close to zero. Unfortunately, media outlets of these categories are the norm.

And his fear of the erosion of the separation of powers in Venezuela  rings a bit hollow when you review his track record of choosing the most activist, socialistic judges for the Supreme Court (and lower courts) ever appointed and his habit of getting his way via Executive Order.

Sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

Just about got the Legislature...


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