Throw the bums out.

“Republicans Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Dean Heller of Nevada, Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Olympia J. Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine called on the House to change course…” – CQ

Ah, I see that list includes the usual suspects – with the delightful addition of that conservative liberal from Massachusetts we all had misplaced such high hopes – and misplaced trust – in. I would be happiest to hear that The House called on these liberals-cum-Republicans to change course themselves. And Mitch “Cave-In” McConnell, too, while they’re at it. Better would be having their electorate decisively show them that chameleons are not tolerated.

Folks, this is a very clear demonstration of politicians preserving their re-election chances rather than performing their sworn duty to preserve The Union. Be sure to note these, every one. And be sure to oppose their re-election in any primary race. If they make it through a primary, or are not challenged, are they better than electing one of the current crop of Democrats in their place? Marginally. Only marginally. At least any Democrat could be recognized through their choice of clothing…


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