Speaking of bums…

So Sen. Sensenbrenner is overheard in a private phone conversation (where’s the outrage over this invasion of the Senator’s privacy?!) making a statement indicating Chewbacca’s – er, the First Lady’s utter hypocrisy in preaching how we and our kids should eat more “organically” and more nutritiously, while, in turn, repeatedly stuffing her face with fatty ribs, cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, ice cream and the like. Immediately, he has come under fire by that bastion of balanced news reporting and opinion, The Huffington “Press” and about every other sycophantic “news” outlet – some even going to the extreme of claiming the First Wookiee has “a kick-ass body”.

Where does this end, this Øbama worship? Yes, Michelle Øbama is not the epitome of flabbiness, but she is far, far from the epitome of that which she preaches all of us need to be. And her hypocrisy is well documented. And, for “journalist” Ellie Krupnick to claim that Michelle Øbama’s butt is excused because it’s “natural” sounds like a bit of thinly-veiled racism to me  – and suggests that the likes of Naomi Campbell, Beyonce Knowles, etc., having small, attractive posteriors are then unnatural?

Let’s be clear. When I stop hearing about Michelle Øbama scarfing down all the “taboo” foods she would have removed from our diets; when I stop hearing about her famed husband’s smoking, maybe then I would at least listen to her health-preaching without rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disbelief. Until then, it is too much of the “holier than thou”, “do what I say; not as I do” re-purposed digested bull-food we are used to receiving from politicians – particularly liberal politicians, and especially the pair currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


One Response to “Speaking of bums…”

  1. Stilton Says:

    After seeing the picture with your commentary today, I’ll never be able to order another turkey leg at the State Fair…

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