Strange definition of “achievement”…

So, while wandering about the Detroit Auto Show, the pageant of the industry he would destroy, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood touted the setting of the MY2025 CAFE at 54.5 as “a huge, huge achievement.”

This is indicative of the problem with the career politicians in WDC: SETTING of CAFE to an outrageously pie-in-the-sky number is clearly NOT what most working-class bums would characterize as an achievement – unless you think of achievement as the potential destruction of an industry with the commensurate loss of a huge number of jobs.  Of course such consideration never enter into the politics of environmental activists cum politicians.

ACHIEVEMENT will come about when, through engineering, innovation, and invention, the automakers actually get their fleets within the standard. Unfortunately, with a fleet average set this high, achievement of this standard will likely come at a huge cost, measured in destruction of human lives, jobs, and freedoms.

Aside from the electrification of the fleet which will drive the cost of personal transportation out of reach of the vast majority in the U.S. (a loss of freedom), the only other option is reduction in weight. Automotive weight reduction leads to vehicles impractical for families, agriculture, and industry – think SMART car or similarly-sized vehicles, and larger vehicles made from lightweight, but more brittle materials. I would personally like to be in neither during any collision.

Hell of an achievement, LaHood. One hell of an achievement…


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