Agreed on one point, but it begs a question…

“I don’t quarrel with anyone who wants to exercise their Constitutional right to legally own a gun,” [Detroit] Police Chief Ralph Godbee said. “Nor do I have any quarrel with anybody that exercises their Constitutional right to carry a gun. But is this the best mix? Is legality really the question we need to raise right now? From a practical standpoint, are there too many guns in the city of Detroit? My answer is ‘yes.'”

And I agree that there are too many handguns on the streets of most major US cities. Where we fundamentally differ is where I draw the line defining “too many” and where most politicians and law enforcement personnel draw that line.

To me, in a room full of people carrying firearms, the “one too many” is that person who would use the firearm they are carrying to commit a crime. All too often, our government sees the “too many” as those who are not in law enforcement.

There are several glaring fallacies in the platform of those who would limit your right to keep and bear firearms in the interest of “the public good”. First is that laws to eliminate or limit firearm ownership do not constrain those who do not have any respect for the law. I’ll offer that these are the problem in the first place! Unless some magical process was developed to cause every firearm on the planet to magically vanish; to cause charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate to become noncombustible, and to prevent bored out steel rods, pins, and springs from being combined into a basic percussion fired weapon, those who wish to pursue their use will always find a way. But, even if this magic were to be accomplished, the criminal element will always seek the upper hand. After this hypothetical gun control magic must necessarily come similar archery control, knife control, heavy object control…

Next is the ludicrous posturing that it is the police’s job to protect you – call 911. To paraphrase one of the fools on the hill, have someone tell you you should call 911  when you have a 200 pound man standing over you telling you to submit. “Could you hold on a sec? I’m dialing 911…”

Let me be clear: the best manner of gun control is that which comes with regular practice. We have laws on the books regarding crimes involving firearms. Enforce those; make them a deterrent rather than a joke. Relief by calling upon 911 can take minutes –  actually, hours in Detroit. Relief by calling upon a practiced and handy 1911, however, is immediate.


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