World’s Greatest Ventriloquist

I’m sure that if I were to open a poll asking you to give your opinion of  the world’s greatest ventriloquist, I would see names such as Edgar Bergen of Charlie McCarthy fame. Or Jeff Dunham with his menagerie of characters. Or, perhaps, Terry Fator and his cool singing puppets…

But what about Øbama’s teleprompters? I mean, look at the absolute control they have over that puppet? And, with most ventriloquists, you can at least see their throats working as they make their dummy speak. Not the teleprompters – nary a twitch!

Incredible. Clearly, they are the world’s best ventriloquist team.


One Response to “World’s Greatest Ventriloquist”

  1. Young Says:

    Personally I think it should go into the trash. Because I am sick of this. Especially when cbelerities and politicians go on about it. Good God, these are people who live in huge houses, has private jets and yachts, entourage of cars and they say the average citizen is to blame for their little global warming? It is all absurd especially if you truly look into it. Some of them know they lost and because of this now want to make it a crime to deny global warming. Look it up. It is all there. And it is all absurd. There is a reason why global warming enthusiasts never debate a real scientist but instead talk to people who either believe it or know nothing of Earth Science 101.

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