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About face!

27 February 2012

So, the highly creative folks living south of the US border have erected a billboard which letters are made from crushed weapons. This piece of propaganda faces the US and, ostensibly, is a malediction to us for pumping “90% of all weapons found in Mexico” across their border. This number has long been proven farcical, but the Mexican government and our Moron In Chief cling to it in a manner similar to the way in which GØre and his cult of earth worshipers cling to their GlØbal Warming Climate Change statistics.

In light of this fallacy, and with Fast and Furious (that masterful [snicker] attempt by the Øbama administration to move GeØrge SØrØs’ anti-2nd Amendment agenda forward by demonizing the firearms trade in the US by fulfilling their fabricated statistics) fresh in our memories, I submit that the sign is facing in the wrong direction. It should face south, to Mexico as an announcement to their murderous cartels and stupid government that there will be no more weapons freely supplied to them by the traitorous BATFE. Yes, “the jig is up.” You’ve been found out, and now we, the people, are aware and watching.

So, Felipe, get a crane that is in working condition, pick that piece of crap up and spin it around. Morons.


Hello again, world!

24 February 2012

Well! My ISP has decided that my blog was a bit too political for their mission and  has respectfully asked me to pack my blogging bags and move along. Knowing their mission, I can respect that – it’s not that they necessarily disagree with me, but that they are subject to that IRS censure called 501(c)3 – the same by which they throttle the free speech of pastors and other charitable organizations not named ACORN across the landscape.

In any case, rather than reinvent the wheel I was currently rolling around the block, I’ve imported my site, lock, stock and barrel to the domain. May the good Lord have mercy on their collective soul.

My former ISP has agreed to leave a forwarding link from my old site here for as long as they can, but it would probably be best if you updated your bookmarks to from Even if I assign the domain to this site, that address will still work.

UPDATE: Thanks to speedy DNS servers worldwide, is already pointing to the correct site, and email is directed as one would expect. No need to update your bookmarks.



16 February 2012
Even Øbama can't keep a straight face when talking about his budget.

So, Øbama calls his new “budget” Winning The Future or, as aptly abbreviated, WTF. Listening to this, any American should be questioning it in the manner of its apropos abreviation.

WTF?! There are no spending cuts in this budget; only increased spending and, just as bad, increased taxes. How does it deliver on any assertion that it is a deficit cutting  budget? I don’t get it. Spend more, tax more, economy contracts due to the increased taxation, which, in turn, causes tax revenues to decrease… I don’t see the deficit reducing  power in this new, improved formula.

WTF?! Where does Øbama get his interpretation of “From whom much is given, much will be asked.”? This was not Jesus’s call to government to swoop down and take from one to redistribute to another, but his call to the individual to share his or her gifts. It would be better for Øbama and his minions to cite “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” in his never-ending quest for that which is in your pocket; your bank account. At least then, he would be showing you his true stance. Like that blithering idiot Michael Moore, Øbama clearly believes that money is a national resource and should not be held by any individual. He will twist and pervert biblical phases in order to justify his goal; however, do not be deceived. Jesus always spoke with regard to the individual. He never asked a prospective disciple to go and sell all of their things, all of their family’s things, those of their neighbor, and of their neighbor’s neighbor – and to give the proceeds to the government so that they could redistribute wealth to those who have learned to live off of other people’s charity rather than upon the fruits of their own labor. No! Not in any bible I’ve ever read.

Unfortunately, seeing an advantage that I don’t quite see, the church has allowed -yea, they have promoted – this perversion of The Word into charity at gunpoint as it seemed to fit their purpose.  There is an incredible number of Catholics, in particular, and Christians in general who espouse the view that social welfare programs as administered by the Federal Gummint answer Jesus’s call to charity and stewardship. Hardly. Paying your taxes vs. going to prison is clearly not the exercise of intellect and free will God calls us to in doing His works. And what has allowing the Federal Gummint take this role done, but breed a population of folks who will no longer lift a finger to help themselves? A culture that squanders its God-given gifts because they’re paid to? From these to whom God has given the gifts of intelligence, talent, industry nothing can ever be expected except for their outstretched, wanting hands and their ingratitude. Their gifts are squandered. I’d imagine God is not happy. Now that the Federal Gummint has seen fit to walk over the constitutional rights of those same Christian churches, I wonder if they are revisiting their complicity with the progressives and, in particular, The Great Society? In any case, they’re not happy right now, either.

When newly appointed budget director Jeff Zients was grilled by the Senate Budget Committee, populated from that august community that hasn’t managed to pass a budget of their own for over 1000 days, he could offer nothing better than regurgitated Øbama sound bites designed to placate those who aren’t really interested in real substantive answers (ie: the main stream media). When questioned what the budget does, for instance, to prevent Medicare from going belly up, this elocutionary genius could only offer up long-worded vagaries, generally indicating that, um, Medicare is kinda on its own – unless all those other people get their act together; to wit: “[Medicare must] increase its productivity, decrease variation in care which results in poor healthy outcomes … while preserving the compact” WTF?! How does this drivel  answer the question at hand? First off, Medicare is a program of the Federal Gummint and therefor, can do nothing on its own, except mandate action from others (something Øbama is quite expert at). I can imagine this imbecile answering with hands behind his back, head down, toe dragging back and forth in a half-circle in front of him, as if he’s an elementary school student trying to BS his way out of a missing assignment! In this same session, he could not give a direct answer whether there were actual spending cuts  in Øbama’s WTF budget. When queried regarding the Senate’s failure to pass a budget since The Øne came into office, he elucidated on his inability to fathom “the mechanics and the process” of doing so, even though the mechanics and process  are spelled out in The Constitution, and that every congress prior to this one has  somehow managed to do it. And Øbama chose this to be his budget director? WTF?!


For Valentine’s Day…

13 February 2012
Free, for a limited time...

Ah, spring is on the horizon! Love is in the air! November is raging in on us like a thundering snail…

In this, the famed and elusive Øbama Recovery, free generally means we can’t afford it. But take heart, faithful reader! Friend and fellow conservative blogger Stilton Jarlsberg of Hope ‘n Change Cartoons is offering his ebook, The Øbama Sutra, free for one day – so pop over to his site on Valentines day, and download yourself a heapin’ helpin’ of Hopey Changey luv. Hope ‘n Change cartoons. It’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave…


Aye, but you’re both wrong.

7 February 2012
Not Mine: By Alejandro Gonzalez, USA TODAY

His Eminence, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington writes a scathing letter regarding the audacious attempt by the Øbama administration to force religious to fund abortion, contraceptives, and sterilizations – despite being against the teachings of these religious – under the auspices of the yet-to-be-repealed Øbamacare.

Yes, yes: the alleged president’s actions are a clear violation of the first amendment, and is, happily, yet another “nail in the coffin” for this abomination in law,  Øbamacare; another weapon with which it can be defeated.

Notably, the Catholic response has garnered the lion’s share of the news – a huge glob of press on it, with a minor peppering of Jewish and protestant-Christian responses as well. Notably, I haven’t laid a finger on similar outrage from the Islamic community –  seeing as health insurance in itself violates sharia law, I can understand their silence only if they were long ago exempted.

So why do I single out Archbishop Wuerl’s letter? Unfortunately, though I agree in general with the uprising against this alleged president’s actions here, I find a troubling line in Archbishop Wuerl’s letter – a line I must take exception with; one which belies an offended liberal, to wit:

Nor should it have to deny its employees [sic] access to affordable health care, a basic human right. (emphasis mine)

Really? Since when is “affordable health care” a basic human right? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Yeah. A job? No. A house? No. A car? No. A XBox 360 and a big-screen HDTV? Definitely not. Nor is “affordable health care”. Affordable health care – health care in general –  is a privilege. Actually, comparing to the majority of other countries, it is, in fact, a luxury. That we have those who think as Archbishop Wuerl does in this regard helps to explain why we have an illegal immigration issue, and why something like Øbamacare could come into being.

Truly basic human rights come without taking from someone else. Liberty comes without expense. Life comes without expense.  The pursuit of happiness comes without expense. The maintenance of any of these, particularly liberty, can come at huge expense, but the incidence of any of them is free. Not so with any of the other items on the list above.

We have a history in this country of charity, of helping others. I dare say most healthcare providers, if left to their own devices, would provide some care to those who cannot afford it. Certain charities and foundations have always existed to assist these.  However, this current bent on “affordable healthcare for all” is either charity at gunpoint for all, or theft of services from healthcare providers.