Aye, but you’re both wrong.

Not Mine: By Alejandro Gonzalez, USA TODAY

His Eminence, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington writes a scathing letter regarding the audacious attempt by the Øbama administration to force religious to fund abortion, contraceptives, and sterilizations – despite being against the teachings of these religious – under the auspices of the yet-to-be-repealed Øbamacare.

Yes, yes: the alleged president’s actions are a clear violation of the first amendment, and is, happily, yet another “nail in the coffin” for this abomination in law,  Øbamacare; another weapon with which it can be defeated.

Notably, the Catholic response has garnered the lion’s share of the news – a huge glob of press on it, with a minor peppering of Jewish and protestant-Christian responses as well. Notably, I haven’t laid a finger on similar outrage from the Islamic community –  seeing as health insurance in itself violates sharia law, I can understand their silence only if they were long ago exempted.

So why do I single out Archbishop Wuerl’s letter? Unfortunately, though I agree in general with the uprising against this alleged president’s actions here, I find a troubling line in Archbishop Wuerl’s letter – a line I must take exception with; one which belies an offended liberal, to wit:

Nor should it have to deny its employees [sic] access to affordable health care, a basic human right. (emphasis mine)

Really? Since when is “affordable health care” a basic human right? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Yeah. A job? No. A house? No. A car? No. A XBox 360 and a big-screen HDTV? Definitely not. Nor is “affordable health care”. Affordable health care – health care in general –  is a privilege. Actually, comparing to the majority of other countries, it is, in fact, a luxury. That we have those who think as Archbishop Wuerl does in this regard helps to explain why we have an illegal immigration issue, and why something like Øbamacare could come into being.

Truly basic human rights come without taking from someone else. Liberty comes without expense. Life comes without expense.  The pursuit of happiness comes without expense. The maintenance of any of these, particularly liberty, can come at huge expense, but the incidence of any of them is free. Not so with any of the other items on the list above.

We have a history in this country of charity, of helping others. I dare say most healthcare providers, if left to their own devices, would provide some care to those who cannot afford it. Certain charities and foundations have always existed to assist these.  However, this current bent on “affordable healthcare for all” is either charity at gunpoint for all, or theft of services from healthcare providers.


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