Hello again, world!

Well! My ISP has decided that my blog was a bit too political for their mission and  has respectfully asked me to pack my blogging bags and move along. Knowing their mission, I can respect that – it’s not that they necessarily disagree with me, but that they are subject to that IRS censure called 501(c)3 – the same by which they throttle the free speech of pastors and other charitable organizations not named ACORN across the landscape.

In any case, rather than reinvent the wheel I was currently rolling around the block, I’ve imported my site, lock, stock and barrel to the WordPress.com domain. May the good Lord have mercy on their collective soul.

My former ISP has agreed to leave a forwarding link from my old site here for as long as they can, but it would probably be best if you updated your bookmarks to pateratic.wordpress.com from pateratic.com. Even if I assign the domain to this site, that address will still work.

UPDATE: Thanks to speedy DNS servers worldwide, pateratic.com is already pointing to the correct site, and email is directed as one would expect. No need to update your bookmarks.


One Response to “Hello again, world!”

  1. stiltonj Says:

    Glad to see you made the jump successfully! I’ve added a link to this blog in the sidebar of Hope n’ Change and don’t know why it wasn’t there before. And boy, I hope Blogger never tells me to move my site elsewhere – I wouldn’t know where to begin!

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