About face!

So, the highly creative folks living south of the US border have erected a billboard which letters are made from crushed weapons. This piece of propaganda faces the US and, ostensibly, is a malediction to us for pumping “90% of all weapons found in Mexico” across their border. This number has long been proven farcical, but the Mexican government and our Moron In Chief cling to it in a manner similar to the way in which GØre and his cult of earth worshipers cling to their GlØbal Warming Climate Change statistics.

In light of this fallacy, and with Fast and Furious (that masterful [snicker] attempt by the Øbama administration to move GeØrge SØrØs’ anti-2nd Amendment agenda forward by demonizing the firearms trade in the US by fulfilling their fabricated statistics) fresh in our memories, I submit that the sign is facing in the wrong direction. It should face south, to Mexico as an announcement to their murderous cartels and stupid government that there will be no more weapons freely supplied to them by the traitorous BATFE. Yes, “the jig is up.” You’ve been found out, and now we, the people, are aware and watching.

So, Felipe, get a crane that is in working condition, pick that piece of crap up and spin it around. Morons.


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