Conflicting views

Contrast this:

“The U.S. military should distribute copies of the Quran in Arabic and other local languages to any and all Afghan civilians who want them. …  Americans, who come from a country awash in books, simply don’t realize how important books (especially ‘the book’ for Afghanistan’s Muslims) are to a people that has very few of them.”Richard Miniter, The Daily Beast

with this:

“Afghanistan Literacy Rate: 28.1%”CIA, The Word Fact Book

There’s a reason Afghans have very few books and it is very similar to the reason primitive man had so few books: aside from tinder and personal hygiene, three of four have no idea what to do with them (and muslims as a whole prefer the left hand for those things hygienic, anyway) .

Now do you understand how ridiculous you idiots on the left sound to most rational people? First, why should we provide ANYTHING AT ALL to the Afghan people, the most of which absolutely hate us? Second, since we do provide things to Afghans in the form of “foreign aid“, using your normal logic and rhetoric: why would the United States Armed Forces distribute anything religious in nature to anyone? Flies in the face of your usual “separation” rants and raves, doesn’t it? I mean, having a government entity distribute religious tracts and all.

I remain firm that liberalism – that uncanny inability to learn from the painful mistakes of myriad societies that have gone before – is a form of mental retardation. Most of you go pretty far in supporting that conviction when you promulgate your opinions.


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One Response to “Conflicting views”

  1. redbirdacres Says:

    Good article. It’s been my experience that liberalism is also a religion. For the most part, there’s no changing their minds. They prefer to remain “lost”.

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