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American Cool vs. Your Time In School

27 April 2012

Sooooooo! You’re graduating from high school this year! Cool! Planning on going to college? Looking for aid? What Øbama’s been sayin’ sounds pretty good, huh?

Yeah. It sure does.

Let’s fast forward to your graduation with your shiny new government-financed degree, shall we? Time to parlay all that hard work into cold, hard cash! It’s time to actually find a job in your field of study.

I can just hear your  gleeful questions now! “Huh! What? I can only get a job at McDonald’s? And at minimum wage?! What happened? Why can’t I get a real job?”

Well, my young friend, if you really think about it, turn off the emotions and look right at it, it all makes perfect sense: you’ve already had the benefit of those corporate dollars you would now earn. You got them handed to you by Øbama – because he stole that money from the very companies that would have given you a job in order that he could give you student aid! Pretty cool, huh? He stole your future, and turned it to a tiny trinket to give to you so that you’d vote for him. Kind of like how the Indians lost Manhattan. What a trickster!

Øbama talks a pretty good game around federal aid and student loans, doesn’t he? So you get all this aid, get your education paid for, and graduate. Now, you’re one of us – those on the outside, those that pay for all those bits and pieces of federal aid that got you through school. And you know what? The money we could have paid you as a starting salary, setting you upon the road to real achievement and success, is gone! Where? Øbama took it, and gave it to you – and to many others studying in programs that never would have led to employment, anyway.  He took it in the form of increased taxes we had to pay into our very inefficient government in order that you could have that financial aid and those student loan guarantees.

But, hey! Øbama’s still got your back! You can collect welfare, live off of food stamps -and perpetuate the fiscal situation that keeps me from hiring you. Wow! Is THAT cool or what?! Øbama has got to be the  coolest president ever!

Welcome to reality. And, if you’re able to nail a job, welcome to the other side of the liberals’ largess.


Where Is The Outrage, Part II

23 April 2012
Blind justice? Only for some…

One of the Strait’s daughters, Lenore Gay, said the investigation is ongoing, but she is unhappy that Tulsa police have mustered nowhere near the resources in her parents’ case as those applied to a nationally reported shooting spree in Tulsa that occurred at around the same time. -ArmyTimes, 21 April 2012

Huh! So they’re mustering all they can against some white guys responsible for shooting some black folks – those black folks allegedly involved in the shooting of one of the white guy’s father. Hmm. White guy shoots black guy. Lots of press. Lots of police support.

In the meantime, some sick pukes who raped and murdered an 85 year old woman, and beat her 90 year old husband into a hospital stay are at large with, apparently, no effort to even find out who they are. Black perpetrators, white victims. Very little press. Almost no police support. Hmm.

What does this say to you folks? To me, it says that our county is in hostile hands. The rights of some are more important than the rights of others. Justice is being meted out based on “race” and “privilege”. This is not good.

Affirmative action has always just been codified reverse discrimination. Entitlements, too, have long been a form of reverse discrimination – as is our tax code itself. Those who pay into federal program can never hope to avail themselves of the benefits provided to others – they make too much money. They must bear the burden of all their expenses, while the “underprivileged” reap the benefits of the taxes paid by others. Now, apparently, this reverse discrimination has infected our system of law enforcement and justice. Those who work (or, in this case, have worked) to provide for themselves – while, notably, providing for all the people who derive their living by receiving government checks – no longer receive equal treatment under the law. Any act of white-on-black violence, as comparatively rare as it may be, receives undo media attention as well as undo enforcement attention.

If you are thinking that the next election is about keeping socialism out of the government of our country, you’re wrong. This next election will be about  expelling socialism from our government, and repairing whatever damage we can before they weasel their way in for another bout of destruction. The socialists have been realizing their machinations against our way of government for over 100 years now, both via Republicans and Democrats – but most obviously in the past 60+ years via the Democrats – a party that bears little resemblance to its roots.


Romney? No thanks…

17 April 2012

So what, then? You’re not going to vote for anyone? Or are you planning to toss your vote into the incinerator of some “great white hope” third party or write-in campaign, such as suggested by Rev. Klingenschmitt? History teaches us that either of these courses is just as good as casting your vote for Øbama.

Again, folks, if the decline can be slowed, there is future hope that the decline can be reversed via the ballot box. If it is accelerated, well, that hope transfers from the peaceful political system to the success of some future “freedom fighters”.

The choice we’re faced with in this year’s presidential election is very much like having marginal brakes and coming around a blind curve at 70 MPH to find a wall-to-wall jam on the freeway. You’re going to have an accident no matter what you choose. Whether it is you or your car which is totaled as a result depends on whether you step on those faulty brakes or the accelerator – or continue on at 70MPH. The latter two are highly likely to take away any chance of your doing anything more with the future – and likely that of those you hit, too – whether or not they made the appropriate choice, your choice takes them with you. Brilliant.

Please use your intelligence and choose wisely.



11 April 2012
These elderly people
were attacked by this piece of excrement on 14 March  2012 in Oklahoma.

The elderly gentleman is 90 years old, was beaten, and shot in the face with a BB gun by the 20 year old perpetrator. He is in the hospital.

She was – note that: WAS – 85 years old. This fine, upstanding youth SEXUALLY ASSAULTED her – read that again. The poor, disadvantaged 20 year old sexually assaulted this 85 year old woman. And beat her to death.

The poor, underprivileged, yet pure-as-the-driven-snow youth also stole their car, money, and some valuables from their home.

Where is farrakhan? Where is jackson?! Oh, yeah – jackson and farrakan are on their way to Tulsa to protest the Good Friday shooting of five black people by a white guy…

Where is sharpton? Where’s the bounty on this person from the new black panthers? Where is spike lee’s tweet with the perps address? Where is Øbama stating how his grandparents would have looked like them?


Hey, Øbama: Give Woodford a respectable haircut and, guess what! He looks like he could be your son, too. It works both ways.


Judicial Activism vs. Unconstitutionalism

2 April 2012

Oh, boy – a rarity. Two Pateratic posts in one day.

The would-be dictator at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue cautions that, should the Supreme Court rightfully reject the individual mandate and, with it, Øbamacare, that they will have been guilty of judicial activism.


By doing what they’re supposed to do – defend the constitution – they are activist in his eyes. While, I guess, redefining the Constitution through, say, Roe v Wade isn’t? Redefining marriage from what it has been for literally millenia is not judicial activism? Overturning results in which the majority of the people have made a decision is not judicial activism, but overturning a decision made merely by the majority of congressmen would be? Of course! It’s only judicial activism when it doesn’t suit his purposes.

And, I suppose, an executive branch that ignores constitutional limits – and the court and congress that lets him get away with it – are not activist, either?

What kind of twisted logic is this jackass operating under?

In any case, if The Supremes do not overturn Øbamacare, then it is up to we, the people. This must not stand. The individual mandate in Øbamacare removes any limit from what the federal government can do to us under interpretation of the Constitution today. It must not stand!


For The MSM: A Free Review Of Set Theory

2 April 2012
Whole vs. part? AP just doesn’t get it…

Most of us who dragged our sorry behinds through the US educational system were exposed to set theory. You know: Venn diagramming, sets, universes, whole, part, unions, intersections, differences, yada, yada, yada.

Set theory is so important to mathematics, that it is pretty much a subject all its own. Without an understanding of set theory, one can be pretty handicapped throughout a rational adult life. Which is why I am reaching out a helping hand to AP and all of the mainstream media outlets that carried the story pictured to the above-right. Yes, Yahoo! News. And AOL news. MSN, ABC, NBC, …. OK. Pretty much everyone out there.

Let’s start our lesson: when all members of a set are present in a comparison, you have the universe in that comparison, and you cannot label it anything other. Got that? It’s pretty basic. So, when Øbama’s budget was rejected in the House by a vote of 414 – 0, it was not the GOP that rejected the budget, but the House which, notably, includes 193 Democrats. But, still: 414 – 0 means that the whole of the house rejected Øbama’s budget – just as they did last year!

Let’s analyze a specific line from the story, shall we?

Democrats have defended Obama’s budget priorities but they largely voted “no” Wednesday night.

Largely. Yes, the entire universe of a set could, ostensibly, be characterized by the term largely; however, the more typical interpretation of largely  would suggest that there were some who didn’t vote no. But, my goodness, there were none! So, then, if I use AP’s definition of the term largely, I could say that humans largely breathe air in order to survive. Objects on or about earth largely feel the pull of gravity.

All contrived arguments regarding why all 193 democrats in the House voted to reject aside, I can find only one: sanity in the form of self-preservation. Undoubtedly, these 193 democrats are rational enough to be able to see the writing on the wall. Any –  ANY – overt support of Øbama’s economy-and-nation-destroying budget would not play out well in the 2012 elections. And, though I would personally love to see 2012 finish with no liberal politicians in office, that dream is pretty unrealistic (after all: places like New York, Detroit, New Orleans, and most of the west coast still vote), and probably would be too abrupt a turning than what remains of the fabric our our society could endure.

People, if such items foisted on us by the alleged journalists of the MSM don’t raise your eyebrows and cause you to question the veracity of every soybean-based ink or electronic; every analog or digital word these people spew, then I have no hope left for this country. Because the media, largely, is lying to you. The media, largely, attempts to paint the picture to vilify their enemies; to promulgate the concept that American is in irretrievable decline.

And, for this, the media should be largely rejected…