Romney? No thanks…

So what, then? You’re not going to vote for anyone? Or are you planning to toss your vote into the incinerator of some “great white hope” third party or write-in campaign, such as suggested by Rev. Klingenschmitt? History teaches us that either of these courses is just as good as casting your vote for Øbama.

Again, folks, if the decline can be slowed, there is future hope that the decline can be reversed via the ballot box. If it is accelerated, well, that hope transfers from the peaceful political system to the success of some future “freedom fighters”.

The choice we’re faced with in this year’s presidential election is very much like having marginal brakes and coming around a blind curve at 70 MPH to find a wall-to-wall jam on the freeway. You’re going to have an accident no matter what you choose. Whether it is you or your car which is totaled as a result depends on whether you step on those faulty brakes or the accelerator – or continue on at 70MPH. The latter two are highly likely to take away any chance of your doing anything more with the future – and likely that of those you hit, too – whether or not they made the appropriate choice, your choice takes them with you. Brilliant.

Please use your intelligence and choose wisely.


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