American Cool vs. Your Time In School

Sooooooo! You’re graduating from high school this year! Cool! Planning on going to college? Looking for aid? What Øbama’s been sayin’ sounds pretty good, huh?

Yeah. It sure does.

Let’s fast forward to your graduation with your shiny new government-financed degree, shall we? Time to parlay all that hard work into cold, hard cash! It’s time to actually find a job in your field of study.

I can just hear your  gleeful questions now! “Huh! What? I can only get a job at McDonald’s? And at minimum wage?! What happened? Why can’t I get a real job?”

Well, my young friend, if you really think about it, turn off the emotions and look right at it, it all makes perfect sense: you’ve already had the benefit of those corporate dollars you would now earn. You got them handed to you by Øbama – because he stole that money from the very companies that would have given you a job in order that he could give you student aid! Pretty cool, huh? He stole your future, and turned it to a tiny trinket to give to you so that you’d vote for him. Kind of like how the Indians lost Manhattan. What a trickster!

Øbama talks a pretty good game around federal aid and student loans, doesn’t he? So you get all this aid, get your education paid for, and graduate. Now, you’re one of us – those on the outside, those that pay for all those bits and pieces of federal aid that got you through school. And you know what? The money we could have paid you as a starting salary, setting you upon the road to real achievement and success, is gone! Where? Øbama took it, and gave it to you – and to many others studying in programs that never would have led to employment, anyway.  He took it in the form of increased taxes we had to pay into our very inefficient government in order that you could have that financial aid and those student loan guarantees.

But, hey! Øbama’s still got your back! You can collect welfare, live off of food stamps -and perpetuate the fiscal situation that keeps me from hiring you. Wow! Is THAT cool or what?! Øbama has got to be the  coolest president ever!

Welcome to reality. And, if you’re able to nail a job, welcome to the other side of the liberals’ largess.


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