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The Constitution Is Dead

28 June 2012
Mourning the Constitution, and damning the supreme cowards…

Well, that’s it, then. The supreme court has sold out the constitution and with it: all of us. Welcome to the USSA. Cancel the election. Emperor Øbama does, in fact, have new clothes.

Instead of assessing Øbamacare against the constitution on its own merits as written, the supreme cowards made the administration’s arguments for them – though again and again, the administration asserted that the individual mandate was not  a tax. In fact, I fail to see how mandating an individual citizen to buy a product can be construed as anything but a tax in the first place! 

This goes against everything the founding fathers stood for. And for all you 99%ers out there high-fiving and clapping each other on the back: you will regret this – just as the Canadian and British citizens have come to regret their version of the same Marxist premise.

Atlas has indeed shrugged today. And the rule of law is dead.


Too much

22 June 2012
Pelosi’s Bonnie to Holder’s Clyde…

Nan again. Unbelievably, inexplicably, San Fran Nan has come out to say that the Republicans in Congress are after Holder to get him out of play. By what motivation would they be doing this, you ask? Well, in her twisted version of reality, the Republicans believe that, by eliminating Holder, there will be no opposition to their evil, sordid plans to get dead people and illegal aliens off the voting roles!

Those absolute bastards!

Again, in Nan’s world, it’s perfectly fine for the DNC to require photo ID in order to attend their convention – after all: you don’t want any of those sneaky conservatives slipping in! You even have to show photo ID to attend a Moochelle Øbama book signing. But to ensure that a person at the polls is legally qualified to cast a vote? My God, man! What are you suggesting?! Those evil REPUBLICANS are marginalizing minorities! (Well, at least we hope that illegal voters are in the minority…). Those evil,  uniform-wearing, baton-swinging REPUBLICANS at the polls… keeping minorities aw… Wait a minute. Those weren’t REPUBLICANS. And they weren’t turning away minorities  under threat of violence! They were “Holder’s people” – the New Black Panthers! And they were turning away CRACKERS and WHITE DEVILS under threat of violence; clearly not minorities. Huh. How could Nan have gotten that so backwards?

Nan, Nan, Nan…

And it wasn’t the Republicans who implemented the botched Fast & Furious scheme to justify another foray into gun control – a scheme that was implicated in the confirmed deaths of at least one Border Patrol Officer, at least one Customs Enforcement Agent, and in the deaths of countless numbers of Mexican citizens; no: it was Holder’s DOJ that implemented this scheme. Notably, Holder is clearly not a Republican.

Now, with Øbama’s Nixonesque implementation of Executive Privilege, it is clear that he, himself – The Øne – had a hand in the scheme – the criminal scheme – to create justification for the claim that the firearms being used by the Mexican cartels were being sourced in the US. And, notably, Øbama is the absolute antithesis of a Republican.

Personally, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find Hillary Clinton involved in this scheme up to her droopy eyeballs, either. Lord knows she parroted that “the majority of the guns come from the US” myth at every opportunity. And the Lord knows equally that she’s not good at taking direction – particularly from her  inferiors. Inferiors such as Øbama… And, too, she is not a Republican.

(By the way, Calderón, I don’t believe for a minute that the Mexican Government was not complicit in Fast & Furious. It’s “covert” goal of justifying ever greater infringement of OUR – not YOUR – 2nd amendment rights is too clean of a match for your stated intentions to have been so conveniently coincidental…)

Huh! So where in the frenetic whirlwind that must serve as your mental processes does this come from, Nan? Is it based on the expectation that the majority of the American (legal) voting public has reached that mainstream media-induced state of inattentiveness, apathy, and idiocy that they can’t see through your fantastic talking points? Or is it your belief that you’ve pushed the fabric of our society far enough to the left that it doesn’t really matter; that there is now a majority of (legal) voters so dependent on the government that you can’t lose anyway?

And what of the people of San Francisco? I know that Cah-lee-fone-nya is pretty much existing in a fictional reality all of their own; more aligned with some strange (and, notably: failing) socialist utopia than with these United States – but aren’t they embarrassed to be represented by the likes of you? Don’t even socialist utopias have some minimal standards for intelligence, credibility, and integrity? I know I’m constantly embarrassed by the walking DNC talking points that represent my area – and am equally concerned that any sentient being would actually vote for them – but the majority of the folk in my nearest, largest population centers aren’t really sentient. Typically, they’re drugged-out, uneducated, unemployed,  multigenerational welfare recipients, so I guess I’m not that surprised that these lunatics keep getting voted in. Pure Michigan, that…

In any case, Nan, thanks for playing. Unfortunately, your entry has failed to gain you the prize…

On another note, we didn’t miss the vote that will jack up our energy costs – you know: the one you enviro-nazis had around coal-fired generation plants? You “Republicans” who defected on it and all you good Democrats: we know where you stand. When this hidden tax starts hitting us in the pocket books – and it will hit them hard – we’ll be sure to remember you all and, hopefully, change where you stand to the unemployment line.


Hearing Aid

21 June 2012
Please speak directly into the horn. (And, gentlemen: please stop using it as a urinal. It’s beginning to affect my mental processes…)

“I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day. I’m not kidding. There’s a prison here in the Capitol. If we had spotted him in the Capitol, we could have arrested him. …Oh, any number of charges could have been brought against Rove. But there were some specific ones for his being in contempt of Congress.” – Fantastic Nan Fantasizing Again

Oh, Nan, Nan, Nan…

Apparently, Nan, you cannot take advice. Maybe, at your age, there is a hearing difficulty? Shut up – stop embarrassing yourself. Stop pulling information that reeks so strongly that we don’t even have to give it the “sniff test” to tell where you’ve pulled it from. There is no comparison here between what that criminal in the DOJ has been doing with anything out of any administration since Clinton. Probably not even anything from the Clintons, either, but we’ve really never fathomed the bottom of that one – what with all those involved mysteriously dying. You remember: Whitewater and all…

And the habits of you and your contemporary party members abusing their positions to enrich themselves and their friends? Waters? And even your own sweet deals? And then to squelch any investigations, or have them end in a friendly slap on the wrist. Or the DOJ refusing to pursue prosecution ala Edwards? C’mon, Nan. In bakery terms, your dough of credibility comes nowhere near passing the window-pane test – way too thin, and no structure.  Unfortunately, the manner in which you choose to work that dough it isn’t improving it at all.

Watch closely, Nan. There is Supreme Court precedent for what Øbama has done. Remember that guy Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon? Being from the age of dinosaurs, I’m sure you do. Remember when he attempted to invoke executive privilege over information related to Watergate? Yeah. The Supremes said that executive privilege cannot be invoked to cover illegal actions.  And no-one died as a result of Watergate…

And that glaring “I” with which you start out.  You could not have unilaterally arrested Karl Rove for anything – that is not a perk or power of The Speaker of The House. This just provides proof  that you’re just as deluded and narcissistic as Øbama. But there’s no surprise there – it seems to be a prerequisite to hold power in your party.



20 June 2012
…and your little Rule of Law, too!

 “I think we are ironclad on the constitutionality of [ObamaCare]. We believe in the Constitution. We believe in judicial review. … But I think it’s also important for the public to know that obstruction is the agenda of the Republican party. If they win, that will be their agenda. They don’t believe in a government role, clean air, clean water. You name it.” -House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

I’m with you, Nan! For instance, like your belief in the Constitution, I believe there is a thing called the Q’ran. And, like with you and the Constitution, I have no intent of implementing or defending anything in the Q’ran.

Of course, the major discrepency here is that never took an oath to support and defend the Q’ran. You, on the other hand, took an oath to support and defend the constitution- an oath that clearly had no meaning to you.

I think you can shut up, now.



19 June 2012
Your species has been identified.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican who co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold law, voted to confirm Roberts as chief justice. McCain now has regrets. “I am more disappointed in him than any of the other four that voted to overturn McCain-Feingold,” McCain says.

And, Senator McCain, the entirety of conservatives is pretty much disgusted, let alone disappointed, with you. If you put your mind to the principle behind why Citizens United makes sense – and why liberals hate it so much, maybe your disappointment  will be abated. Mine, unfortunately, is reinforced every time you are quoted in the liberal media as their golden haired (ok: white haired) boy in the “conservative” GOP.

Corporations, such as manufacturing concerns, merchant concerns, financial concerns,  service concerns, and, of course, Unions are collections of US citizens, each taxed by the US government, each entitled to free speech. That they (the aforementioned associations) are based in the US and  taxed on their revenues –  primarily their income – makes them an entity within the US, recognized by the US, as subject to the US laws. Including laws and bureaucratic regulations assigning taxes, fees, and fines against their income, or otherwise restricting their ability to operate in what is supposed to be a free market. Giving corporations no means to communicate their pleasure or displeasure with these laws, aside from affiliated individuals squeaking in the wilderness and casting pennies at the cause would be to enslave them ( the corporations, associations, etc.) to the state – a mild case of fascism. (For those of the “99%”, fascism, in basic terms, is where the government dictates all facets of business for all subject to their rule, but let individuals still “own” the business – hardly the definition you espouse. What this allows government to do is pick the winners and the losers – as Øbama is so fond of doing – but lets the government blame the losers for the the failure of the government’s policies. Which, notably, Øbama is also found of doing. There. Hope that helps.)

Remember what we fought the Revolutionary War over? (For the 99%: The Revolutionary War in the US back in the 1175-1783. That one.) The trigger was taxation without representation. Go look it up. Citizens United ended just such a situation. Adherence to former legal precedence, the complaint from McCain, Specter, Whitehouse et al. would be laughable, if they weren’t supposed to be running this country, as cited precedents violate the 1st Amendment. Roberts’ court, by rolling back issues associated with the Citizens United case was affirming the constitution – notably: their job. Affirming the constitution is not judicial activism. It’s what they’re supposed to be doing.

Why do liberals hate this so much? First, they are always keen to chill free speech – particularly political speech, and particularly from those who do not espouse their ideology. Second, it backfired on them, allowing “angry” money to flow into the coffers of their opponents, actually making it far easier for them to be defeated. And you’ll note that when they complain, when they cite organizations that should not be allowed free speech or to donate to a politician, you do not find organizations they “like”. You do not find unions listed as corporations – though they are all incorporated, and have (ok: had) more wealth than corporations they’ve been sucking the life-blood out of. You do not find Planned Parenthood, a huge profit-generating “women’s heath” concern (read: abortion mill). You do not find the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence or similar. But you certainly do find organizations such as large “evil” corporations. You do see such organizations  as the NRA. Convenient definitions of “corporate America” made to order to the desires of the liberal left who are so aghast at Citizens United.

The only question I have remaining around this is why anything coming from McCain would be considered relevant?


22 June 2012 update: More evidence that McCain is not even tangentially familiar with conservative principles and should retire before his senility brings him on par with Reid:

Senators. John McCain (R-AZ) and Harry Reid (D-NV) plan to introduce legislation to create a United States Boxing Commission that would oversee all fights and work with the various local and regional commissions, promoters, boxers and managers.

Really? REALLY?! THIS is what you think we want your sorry kiesters in Washington for? What conservative principle did you dig THIS out of? Again, Johnny old boy: you thoroughly disgust me. Maverick my ass: you’re a RINO heifer.


18 June 2012
Not all con artists go to prison…

So Allen Stanford gets sentenced to 110 year for his role in a $7 billion ponzi scheme. Social Security is a $25 trillion ponzi scheme. How much prison time will congresses from Johnson’s time (when the social security “trust fund” went to the general fund, leaving an IOU in its place) forward be serving?


Seems to be a bit of a contradiction there, doesn’t it?



14 June 2012
A thing of beauty is a joy forever…

Today is flag day. I humbly ask all people residing in the United States, whether legally or not; whether liberal, communist, socialist – no matter the ideology you espouse or label you claim for yourself – to please refrain from desecrating my flag today.



Me, Too – I Think

8 June 2012
Heads will roll if Atlas shrugs…

I invite everyone who frequents this site to read this article (<– that’s a link, by the way) on

I would simply repeat it here, but, unlike Mark Alexander, I have not obtained permission to do so.

The content of this article is something EVERY citizen of this country needs to understand – not just about our educational system, but regarding the tenets upon which our country was founded and how the “progressives” have managed to bastardize it – mostly within this and the last century, and mostly through the government mandated-and-managed public education system. More detail regarding how the US public educational system (The AFT, NEA, and US Department of Education, by name) is actually harming our children is available in this article here – notably, written by an ex New York City public school teacher – and one-time New York City Teacher of the Year. But be warned: it’s a long – but fruitful! – read.


A twisted view

6 June 2012

Yes, yes! Now I understand your perspective…

After the Wisconsin recall election results were reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who formerly gloated that the defeat of Walker was imminent, and that it would represent a referendum against conservative fiscal policy,  tweeted: “Despite the disappointing outcome, the effort sent Scott Walker a message that his brand of divisive politics is offensive & wrong.”

Really? REALLY?! The recall effort getting “owned” by Walker sent him a message that what he was doing in the office of Governor was somehow wrong? By winning the election? Huh. I don’t get it. But, too, I never realized Florida was on another planet.

The message the recall sent, as I read it, is that the unions no longer have free reign over the Wisconsin economy. The message, as I read it, was that, even with the traditional widespread liberal cheating at the polls (things like, oh, I don’t know – say, things like the  rumored busloads shipped in from Detroit by the, ahem, “union at the Chrysler plant” to vote for Barrett…), conservatism won the day. The message, as I read it, is that liberalism is not desirable once its destructive nature is realized.

Oddly, I don’t find Walker’s “brand of politics” anywhere near as offensive nor divisive – particularly in terms of race and class –  as I see those of the likes of the mainstream media, Øbama, Reid, Pelosi and, yes: that strange visitor from another planet, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  But, then: I’m a natural-born  citizen. Of earth…


7 June 2012 Update: That other strange visitor from another planet, internet inventor Al Gore, voiced his agreement with Wasserman Schultz’s opinion on his pet network’s Viewpoint “news” show. I guess Tennessee must be in a similar orbit to that of Florida. Well, really: we’ve known that all along, haven’t we?