Me, Too – I Think

Heads will roll if Atlas shrugs…

I invite everyone who frequents this site to read this article (<– that’s a link, by the way) on

I would simply repeat it here, but, unlike Mark Alexander, I have not obtained permission to do so.

The content of this article is something EVERY citizen of this country needs to understand – not just about our educational system, but regarding the tenets upon which our country was founded and how the “progressives” have managed to bastardize it – mostly within this and the last century, and mostly through the government mandated-and-managed public education system. More detail regarding how the US public educational system (The AFT, NEA, and US Department of Education, by name) is actually harming our children is available in this article here – notably, written by an ex New York City public school teacher – and one-time New York City Teacher of the Year. But be warned: it’s a long – but fruitful! – read.


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