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I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election…

22 October 2012

As we draw up to the 2012 presidential election, that famous “hot mic” gaffe of Øbama – the one that exposed him for the traitor he is – comes to mind. What, precisely, is it that Øbama felt he’d need more flexibility to do with a country that, until very recently was (and quite possibly still is) our sworn enemy? What is it Øbama wishes to do for Russia when he no longer has to worry about voter backlash?

I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election…

And who else is the Appeaser In Chief looking to exercise this new flexibility with? I have a few ideas. How about Iran and Al Qaeda? After all, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” And what’s the best way to make sure the future doesn’t belong to someone, I ask? I think it is via the same means his friends in Al Qaeda are so adept at employing. Imagine all the slanderers of the prophet they could ensure won’t own the future if Ahmadinejad is successful in achieving his nuclear goal? And the delivery vehicle Uncle Joe ensures us they don’t have? Proven a fool, again, Joe. A suitcase and a willing suicide bomber is all they need – and they seem to have no shortage of either

I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election…

Chilling to think about, isn’t it? Perhaps he’ll have more flexibility to remove our ability to defend ourselves if he doesn’t  face any reprisals? How about more flexibility to prosecute that raging battle between him and Christianity? You know: the one regarding his signature legislation obviating the 1st Amendment rights of religious organizations and the conscience rights of religious health care providers? More flexibility to cram more socialist laws down our throats without any threat to his re-election chances?

“I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”


Mr. President: You’re Pathetic.

5 October 2012

After going down in flames to Romney in the first presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle, a debate in which Øbama couldn’t help but repeat time after time already-embarrassingly-refuted claims against Romney (such as the chimerical $5B tax cut plan, unbelievably repeated again after the debate. Repeat the lie often enough, eh, Barry?) – likely due to oxygen deprivation, per Internet Inventor, climatologist, and High Priest to Gaia Al Gore – Øbama comes up with this gem: “but if you want to be President, then you owe the American people the truth.”

OK, Øbama, I’ll bite at that one. Let’s see your university transcripts.  Let’s see how you were registered there – does it indicate a solid, natural-born US citizen? Or a likely natural-born citizen who passed himself off as foreign-born to garner preferential treatment and financial aid? How about that birth certificate, Big  “Ø”? What will that tell us? That you hide that, too, brings up the potential that you ran for president illegally. I still suspect you’ve simply always been a liar, lying to benefit yourself, and releasing either document will expose the lies.

How about “Fast & Furious”? What was your involvement in that? Since you invoked executive privilege, we know you’re involved – even if you weren’t before. In any case, you’re responsible for what occurs during your administration; under your watch, so to speak – though the intent of the term watch doesn’t really apply to the behavior we’ve observed from you these too long years (Watch ≠ Golf, by the way).

And now, this mysterious and miraculous improvement in the unemployment number. Incredible what star power  you have, eh, Øbama? The unemployment number hasn’t moved that much in such a short time in almost thirty years, but – ah! Serendipity! – it managed to do so two days after you embarrassed yourself, your administration, and your party in one of the worst presidential debate thrashings I’ve ever witnessed – and I saw the Reagan/Carter debates! I probably shouldn’t complain though: it’s truly the first transparent act from your administration since it began back at what seems such a long, long, unbearably long time ago – even your own base sees right through it.

You truly are the worst president in US history, Øbama. I hope that, in November, you’re sent off to bask in your glory on your own dime