Gone Galt.

Well, folks, I’m “going Galt”. With the demise of the country as it was intended by the founders; with the USA having finally achieved that tipping point where such an abject failure can be re-elected simply because he has Santa’s bag hanging off his back – I am going to do all in my power to absolutely minimize my “fiscal footprint” and ensure that the leeches can no longer hang from my behind. If you are a productive member of society in that region of North America formerly known as the US of A, I recommend you do the same.

Pateratic, over and out.

2 Responses to “Gone Galt.”

  1. Jim Hlavac Says:

    Hi, I know you from Hope’n’change — I’ve gone Galt — years ago — for reasons not quite related to this current morass — but, back when I was declared a felon forever for whom I smooched. Oh sir, you have no idea to how pissed off at the system I am — economics is but one part — it goes from there. Thanks for your wonderful comments at hope’n’change — but, well, I thought I’d add my 2 cents (that’s all I got,) here.

    • pateratic Says:

      Hi, Jim – I appreciate your comments over at Stilton’s site as well! To a large degree, the Libertarian’s have it precisely right on many things: the federal government should not be in the business of regulation beyond that allowed for in the Constitution, which pretty much limits them to interstate commerce, adjudicating interstate conflict, protecting the country from foreign and domestic (“insurrection”) threat; and entering into treaties so long as those treaties do not infringe on state’s or individual’s rights. The only thing I vehemently disagree with the Libertarians on is their stance regarding current foreign policy in that I would expect severe hard done to our country if were were to suddenly withdraw all of our troops from current actions. The power vacuum would all but guarantee “the bad guys” would take the areas over, strengthening them and enabling them to gobble up more and more of the world, and their policy against enjoining in such activities would embolden those “bad guys” to do just that. Eventually, and it is not outside of reason even today, we’d find ourselves alone in the world and ultimately a victim of our own isolation.

      (And I’m not doing so well on that Galt bit. Sigh…)

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