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Comcast Says “Not So Fast”

22 December 2016

Hundreds of thousands of former cable subscribers have dumped cable, using various streaming services for their television. This, of course, is biting into the bottom line of those companies who would keep you in their costly clutches. 

Ah! But the greedy, conniving Comcast will not take that sitting down! Subscribers to their internet service have a new feature! Yes: they are now limited to 1 TB per month, overages resulting in (you guessed it!) additional fees.

Most cable cutters consume gobs of data – particularly large families. Add to this the ubiquitous smart phones, connected home, working from home…  and you can quickly bump up against this limit – mid-month  for my family in December.

Comcast’s letter announcing this new “feature” says that the limit and charges are “to be fair to those ¬†who use less data.” Really, Comcast? You think we’re stupid? How does charging one household more per month do anything for another household that uses less data. It doesn’t. It does nothing more than increase Comcast’s bottom line and serve as punishment for those who dare dump your costly television service.

No matter. Your nearest competitor imposes no such limit. Goodbye, Comcast. I’d say it’s been nice knowing you these 27 years, but I’m not prone to uttering such falsehoods.