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Registered In Multiple States…

26 January 2017

As our MSM gets itself all a-twitter over Trump staff members registered in more than one state, let me remind them what the responsibilities are when you move. It is the voter’s responsibility to register to vote in their new location. It is the former location’s responsibility to update their records, removing those who have moved out of their voting precinct/district/whatever.

I’d swear: to read the published hyperbole, you’d think they’d found an impeachable offense. Besides: the fraud issue is when those who are registered (or not) in multiple areas also VOTE in multiple areas – and there have been convictions in recent times of those who were doing just that (and I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine their party affiliation…).

Where was all this brave investigative reporting during the past 8 years? Why was there controversy over citizenship, school records, social security cards unanswered by the MSM? Why was the press rarely, if ever, interested in anything contrary to what the Ă˜bama administration told them to be interested in?

It all has to do with ownership and control. And those owning and controlling our media have an obvious agenda – and that agenda is NOT to make your lives better…