Definition of Fecklessness

So I happened to stumble upon the Sean Hannity Show on SiriusXM yesterday, and heard his interview with Austan Goolsbee, the alleged economist who worked for the Øbama administration. During this exchange, Hannity pointed out the Trump plan to end Øbama’s “war on coal,” and all Goolsbee can do is point out that Trump is disingenuous because natural gas competes with coal and Trump is removing barriers from its production, too. REALLY?! Øbama quite literally put the coal industry out of business. Øbama quite literally put energy production out of reach on federal lands – Goolsbee touted that such production more than doubled “under” the Øbama administration – rightly countered by Hannity that this occurred on PRIVATE land IN SPITE OF Øbama’s efforts.

There was also discussion regarding Øbama’s record accumulation of federal debt (Goolsbee: inflation; Bush’s fault) and many other points of Øbama administration failure to which Goolsbee seemed only able to spew liberal talking points.

Folks, I don’t get it. I cannot conceive of how these idiots continue to try to defend the indefensible. Are they counting on the audience being too stupid or equal ideologues that they cannot see through this stuff? And, yes: there are those who will pull the lever next to “D” if the devil himself was the candidate – just as there are for any other party – but, honestly: how can anybody espouse the liberal “logic” and remain sentient?

Again, I firmly believe that this current instantiation of liberalism is a not-yet-medically-defined form of mental illness.


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