Wait, what?!

What is it with these elitist politicians? So, Conyers is out (finally!) for being outed as a sexual predator. As the longest (self-)serving representative, he was elected a couple of years after my birth and served well into his senility. (I’d argue he has served well past his usefulness, but that would have happened about the time he was first sworn in, so the point is moot.) So what does he do? He issues an edict that his son should succeed him.

What?! A politician – not a king, mind you – is tossed for an ethics violation and he thinks he can “anoint” a successor? That ain’t how it works, Bucko. And his SON?! I’m all for not holding the son accountable for the sins of the father (there’s a lesson there for ya, Conyers…), but if the campaign of one Coleman A. Young II is any indication: the political apple generally doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Ah, well. It *IS* Detroit, after all. Name recognition and the perception of being willing to dole generously from the goody bag are all a candidate need have to be successful in those polls. Oh, and a perception of being against “the white man.” (Remember: “people of color” cannot be racist. It’s all about vengeance justice for crimes committed long, long before any of us were born; nor is it about prejudice or racial hatred. Justice. Against the white man. A motivation pure as the driven snow…)

God help us: he’ll probably get his wish.


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