A very sad day, indeed…

The House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday to release a classified memo circulating in Congress that reveals government surveillance abuses so severe that Watergate looks like a civil infraction. The vote to release the document was on party lines; i.e, no democrat voted for its release.

“(A) very sad day, I think, in the history of this committee.” – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)

It begs the question: why would NONE of the democrats on the committee vote to make such abuses public? One would think that exposing these highly illegal practices publicly, and excoriating the perpetrators would serve to help curb any future enthusiasm for similar abuses. One would think that evidence that such abuses occurred, but are being swiftly and appropriately dealt with would bolster public trust in the government.

Oh, wait. It all occurred under their watch; under a democrat administration.  An historic democrat administration which saw the first mixed-race president in office. An historic democrat administration already infamous for its abuses of power and extra-Constitutional activities. An historic democrat administration which worked to destroy our system of healthcare, eliminate any hope of energy independence, destroyed our country’s prestige abroad, pandered to – and funded – sponsors of islamic terror, and decimated our economy. An historic democrat administration which vilified law enforcement, and set race relations back to the dark ages. And now, with these revelations: an historic democrat administration which oversaw an abuse of government law enforcement faculties never before seen in this country.

Now I understand. It is indeed a sad, sad day in which politicians continue to protect their party at the expense of their country. Thank you for making that clear to me, Rep. Schiff.


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