Let’s help them dissociate with the NRA…

Several companies have decided to play illogical politics (read: liberal politics), and have withdrawn their support from the NRA and from us, the NRA’s members. So, let’s show them what happens when you decide you don’t want to do business with an organization having 4.25 million members: let’s help them with their goal of having nothing to do with the NRA by simply not doing business with them any longer.

Here’s the list of those highly intelligent businesses that apparently espouse the belief that the NRA – an organization whose members are legal gun owners; an organization whose members have never been implicated in any high profile act of violence using firearms – is somehow responsible for those who are clearly not NRA members, and practice none of the NRA’s guidelines for firearm use:

  • Symantec/Norton software/Lifelock
  • Delta Airlines
  • United/Continental Airlines
  • Enterpise/Alamo/National Car Rentals
  • First National Bank of Omaha (Stop using your NRA card NOW! They’ll find another bank, I’m sure.)
  • MetLife
  • Hertz Car Rentals
  • Avis/Budget Car Rental
  • TrueCar
  • Best Western
  • Wyndham Hotels
  • Chubb Ltd.
  • Starkey Hearing Technologies
  • Paramount Rx
  • Sirva/North American Van Lines/Allied Van Lines
  • Simplisafe
  • Truecare

So get out there and give ’em what they asked for – it’s the least we could do!


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