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Rule by credit cards…

23 March 2018

So now, we are to be ruled by leftists within credit card companies? “What do you mean?” you ask. This:–sector.html

So CitiGroup believes they should legislate and restrict choice by financially strong-arming their clientele. I call bullshit. Granted, Citi<Corp/Bank/Group/Card/Whatever> has the right to pick and choose who they do business with and how they conduct that business, but they also must accept any repercussions of those decisions. I, for one, have immediately divested myself of any and all CitiGroup financial vehicles (which will piss my employer off since their corporate card is issued by Citi. Cash only on company business for this boy from here on out…). I recommend that any business engaged in the sale of firearms move to another bank. If CitiGroup wants to rule the country, let their country be only the idiot factions that agree that banks should be able to interfere with the rights of consumers without repercussions.

Now, if legal gun owners would only take a page from the LGBT playbook and sue CitiWhatever for refusing to do business with them, we’d be all set. After all: though the US PC culture does not respect the rights of anyone who is not within one of their favored “protected classes”, there IS precedence…


Russian Collusion – Remember This Gem?

10 March 2018

Something occurred to me this morning as I sat sipping my coffee. With all the talk of Trump and alleged “Russian Collusion”, I remembered an incident from well before the 2016 election. I’ll just leave this here.


Øbama on Netflix? Count me out.

9 March 2018

So all the news this morning and last night was trumpeting that Netflix, my favorite entertainment venue, are “in talks” with Fearless Leader for some kind of a “production deal”. Just what we need: another venue for that jackass to tell us how it should be.

How about this: let’s take a page from the left’s playbook and start a grass-roots (a REAL grass roots) effort to turn them away from such a thing. Let’s write their CEO and let him know that we wish them NOT to engage in providing this preachy uber-leftist a platform through Netflix. Let him know that we had quite enough of The Øne, and would rather not have to sift through his drivel to find what we wish to entertain ourselves with. Let him know that if Netflix begins producing Øbamamentaries of any sort, we’ll walk our watchful selves away from Netflix and onto Prime or some streaming service.

Here is a link to his contact information.


And one “Aw Shit” wipes the record clean…

1 March 2018

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.” – Donald Trump

And, with one foolish statement, Trump loses my support.

NO right is less important than any of the others, no matter how popular or expeditious such an unconstitutional ranking may be. ALL citizens are entitled to due process before having a right wrested from them, no matter what public or personal opinion holds against said person – until they are charged with a crime (due process), or legally deemed mentally unfit (due process), you cannot legally, constitutionally take away any of their rights. Period. No matter how popular doing so will make you with the left.

As you have said yourself time and again: we are a land of laws. Those laws are documented and voluminous (and, frankly, most are unconstitutional “regulations” emanating from bureaucrats, but I digress…). They are to be followed no matter what the circumstances; no matter how inconvenient or, sometimes, seemingly illogical.

If you wish to withhold due-process, then you need an amendment to the Constitution to allow you to do so. And good luck with that…