Rule by credit cards…

So now, we are to be ruled by leftists within credit card companies? “What do you mean?” you ask. This:–sector.html

So CitiGroup believes they should legislate and restrict choice by financially strong-arming their clientele. I call bullshit. Granted, Citi<Corp/Bank/Group/Card/Whatever> has the right to pick and choose who they do business with and how they conduct that business, but they also must accept any repercussions of those decisions. I, for one, have immediately divested myself of any and all CitiGroup financial vehicles (which will piss my employer off since their corporate card is issued by Citi. Cash only on company business for this boy from here on out…). I recommend that any business engaged in the sale of firearms move to another bank. If CitiGroup wants to rule the country, let their country be only the idiot factions that agree that banks should be able to interfere with the rights of consumers without repercussions.

Now, if legal gun owners would only take a page from the LGBT playbook and sue CitiWhatever for refusing to do business with them, we’d be all set. After all: though the US PC culture does not respect the rights of anyone who is not within one of their favored “protected classes”, there IS precedence…


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