Um, to shoot back?

Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?” —Toronto Mayor John Tory

So Mayor Tory – mayor in a city within one of the left’s darlings; one of their “evolved” countries which have abolished its citizenry’s right to bear arms – has experienced yet another failure of their ability to keep guns off the streets, and laments why anyone in the city needs a gun.

Well, Johnny boy! I can give you 15 reasons: the two killed and the 13 injured in this recent failure of your policies. How about the 14 reasons in Quebec City? The 11 reasons in Laroche? (That was a school shooting, too – haven’t we been told time and again by the MSN that those only happen in the US?) How about the eight reasons in Edmonton? Or the five reasons in Moncton? Or the three reasons in Claresholm? Or the eight in Shedden, or the 20 at Dawson College, or the four in Mayerthorpe, or the four in Grimsby, or…. Well, you get the drift. There are plenty of reasons to justify being able to defend oneself. And there are countless firearms remaining in your fair city. You simply cannot acknowledge their existence as it is wholly contrary to your world view.

You see, John-boy, only law-abiding citizens abide by the law. Hence the term. Criminals, on the other hand, do NOT abide by the law. Again: hence the term. Now, take an asinine law designed to take the guns away from criminals by taking them away from everyone, and… I’m sure most see what’s coming next. Maybe not you, so much, but most understand that you’ve simply eliminated the law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend themselves from those who DON’T abide by the law and are still armed. With guns. Guns you’ve made illegal. All that you and your ilk have managed to do is violate the basic human right to self defense for those who you allegedly serve. And that right, Juan, is the reason why somebody in your city would need a gun. The right to defend their own life. Because when seconds count, the RCMP and OPP are only minutes away. And, as evidenced by Parkland earlier this year, the police may be no help when they arrive…


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