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Christine Blasey Ford

17 September 2018

“So,” the Republicans ask. “Why now?”

Because it works. The democrats have, to paraphrase Gussie Mausheimer in An American Tale, weweased the secwet weapon once again.

What am I talking about? Why, the same secwet weapon that was weweased on Judge Moore! Clarence Thomas! Herman Caine! The unsubstantiated, antiquated claim of some nefarious deed against some imagined victim conjured to life JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME to derail their progress on the political stage.

Why do they to it, even though most sentient beings can see right through it? Because, the way they’ve set up the duck with our society: it tends to bear fruit. That, and I suspect most of their adherents aren’t sentient – but that’s fodder for another session at the keyboard.

Personally, the only shocking thing I encountered in this epoch was to learn that Kavanaugh was still in high school in the early 80s. I guess I’ve finally reached that age where I’m older than many of the political class.

Christine Blasey Ford? Likely paid. Likely not who she presents herself to be. Likely lying. The best she has done in this is expose herself as a shill for the democrats. The worst she will have done is derail the appointment of a good man to the Supreme Court.

Frankly, I think Feinstein should be in prison for contempt of congress for this bit of kabuki theater (and that, I believe, is likely the least of her crimes). But, hey – she learned from similar acts perpetrated by her party leadership, her predecessors, and her peers.


Of secret signalling and the like

13 September 2018

“He used that term because it’s a dog whistle to the extreme right.” – Hillary “Dynastic Immunity” Clinton

Can we please get this hag off of the world stage? Please? Isn’t there anyone in the wings with a shepherd’s crook long enough to pull this beast out of view and out of ear-shot? Anyone? Please? Just hook her off, give her one of those fancy one-sleeved jackets, and pack her off into a comfortable cell somewhere. No? Maybe? Anyone?


Ok, then. Let’s think about the terms the left uses to describe the right. Deplorable. Radical. How about this term “dog whistle”? Do you think the left thinks very highly of the right? Of course not! We’re all just dogs waiting around for someone to puff into the whistles that motivate us. Like, say, AntiFa.

Oh! Wait a minute! AntiFa isn’t an organization associated with the right, is it. I must have meant Black Lives Matter. Doh! Again, not a group associated with the right. Resist? Nope. Another leftist organization.


Well, maybe its because their signalling is so overt! Yeah, that’s it. Maxine Waters calling for violence couldn’t be characterized as a coded “dog whistle message”, could it. I get it now. The right MUST be “dog whistling” because one of these geniuses on the left has to INTERPRET the signal so we can all “hear” it.

That’s gotta be it!

Lets talk about the word “deplorable”. How about we couple that with “behavior”. Oh! We get “deplorable behavior”! Things like leaving tons of trash behind after a poorly attended “demonstration” or “protest” in the public square. Like setting up camps and trashing city streets. Things like blocking roads, and harassing business owners or their patrons. Things like showing up to “counter-protest” armed to the teeth and wearing body armor. Or setting a town on fire and looting its businesses while protesting “bigotry” and “racism” – pretty much perpetuating the stereotype that causes certain bigotries and racism. How about attacking – PHYSICALLY attacking – people over what they’re wearing, or where they’re going, or what they believe, or who they voted for?

These are all textbook examples of deplorable behavior.

And who are these bad actors from whose activities I parallel to the definition of “deplorable”? People on the right? Wrong again! The same groups: AntiFa, RESIST, BLM, the Occupy crowd (are they still a thing?), and just about every other left-wing nut-job wandering our streets with violence on their mind.

Oh, and another favorite of the talking heads on the left: referring to Trump as “a low IQ individual”. This coming from some sap-sucking, quacking head on a news show who, if s/he’s lucky, may be worth a bit of money south of a million (after all: s/he’s not an elected DNC politician. THAT’S where the millions lay…), with precisely the genius level IQ required to parrot DNC talking points in front of a camera. Low IQ. I guess it doesn’t take much intelligence these days to become a billionaire. Twice.

I wish I was that stupid.

And, Hillary referring to ANYONE as a dog? Has she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror during this century? Or the last, even? Bitch: yo is uuuuuug-lee. Thou shouldst not cast stones…