Christine Blasey Ford

“So,” the Republicans ask. “Why now?”

Because it works. The democrats have, to paraphrase Gussie Mausheimer in An American Tale, weweased the secwet weapon once again.

What am I talking about? Why, the same secwet weapon that was weweased on Judge Moore! Clarence Thomas! Herman Caine! The unsubstantiated, antiquated claim of some nefarious deed against some imagined victim conjured to life JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME to derail their progress on the political stage.

Why do they to it, even though most sentient beings can see right through it? Because, the way they’ve set up the duck with our society: it tends to bear fruit. That, and I suspect most of their adherents aren’t sentient – but that’s fodder for another session at the keyboard.

Personally, the only shocking thing I encountered in this epoch was to learn that Kavanaugh was still in high school in the early 80s. I guess I’ve finally reached that age where I’m older than many of the political class.

Christine Blasey Ford? Likely paid. Likely not who she presents herself to be. Likely lying. The best she has done in this is expose herself as a shill for the democrats. The worst she will have done is derail the appointment of a good man to the Supreme Court.

Frankly, I think Feinstein should be in prison for contempt of congress for this bit of kabuki theater (and that, I believe, is likely the least of her crimes). But, hey – she learned from similar acts perpetrated by her party leadership, her predecessors, and her peers.


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