She Has Met The Enemy, And They Is Her

Apparently, per a DNA test analyzed by one Carlos Bustamante of UC- Berkely (that absolute academic bastion of un-politically-biased science, mind you!) Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is somewhere between 1/1024th  and 1/64th “native American”. This racial mixing occurred six to 10 generations ago.

Oh, can you hear the leftists crow! She DOES have native American in her blood line! Oh, Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

So, if we take a generation at its current definition of 30 years and apply that to, say, 1940? Fair enough? And then apply the definition of a generation for “primitive” culture prior to that, we come up with…. oh… between 226 and 146 years ago for this genetic mixing to have occurred. Definitely within the realm of possibility, depending on her lineage and how long her lineage has been in North America – it is highly unlikely such mixing occurred in Europe, where the vast – VAST – majority of her genetic lineage derives – during that period.

So, her claim of there having been an American Indian in her family tree may (I still say “may” because… UC-Berkely) be true, but any claim of being a native American is patently false: a white crayon likely has more native American DNA than she does.


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