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A Classic Case of Projection

25 April 2019

“What’s clear from this administration, and what’s clear throughout the entirety of his business practices, is that they will lie, cheat, and steal. They’ll do anything to win. They have so eroded institutions of democracy. We have to be prepared for lying, cheating, and stealing. They have an approach to undermining our democracy that is shameful and that is why we are organizing everywhere. That is why we are preparing for every eventuality.”

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

Excuse me?!

I am aware of only one party that has been recently caught red-handed purchasing “evidence” created out of whole cloth and foisting it upon the FISA court – and the public – as hard evidence of wrong-doing.

There is only one party that has been recently caught red-handed allowing one of its candidates to “buy” the nomination despite the desires of the party members and their votes.

There is only one party whose leading candidate had been recently caught red-handed sending classified communications outside of approved networks, lying about it, and then working strenuously to destroy evidence and otherwise cover it up.

There is only one party whose chairman had hired an IT consultant who appeared to be, at the very minimum, running fast and loose with access to congressional servers, and refused to intervene to fire him/them until pretty much forced to do so.

There is only one party that continues to push and support a politician disgraced in a plagiarism scandal in 1987. (What is it with the democrats’ attraction to criminals?!)

I get it, Tommy. The big (D) can’t win without running against someone, because your platform is a JATO-propelled slide into socialism and all the hell that comes with it. We also understand the need for you to flat-out lie about those you run against because, if the truth is allowed to reign, there is again no way in hell that (D)s could win as most sentient beings do not want the hellish utopia you espouse. Therefor, (D)-leaning voters must be diverted from seeing the truth of what any alternative offers. (Good thing the MSM is fundamentally your propaganda arm these day, hey, Bub?)

But everything – literally everything – you decry in the screed cited at the top of this entry as being facets of this administration are, in fact, what we’ve been seeing from the DNC!

Of the DNC, I can only say that they… will lie, cheat, and steal. They’ll do anything to win. They have so eroded institutions of democracy. They have an approach to undermining our democracy that is shameful.

By the way, Tom, don’t think I’m a shill for the (R)s, either. I have no use for their wishy-washy “conservatism” – just (D)-lite without the socialism or the fascination with criminals…


The only thing we have to fear…

17 April 2019

“What we’re saying is, have a message that appeals to people in a way that does not menace them — that really does address their concerns. When we win and we have the White House and we have that, then we can expand our exuberances to some other things.” — Nancy Pelosi

It’s that last bit that should strike fear into the hearts of freedom-loving Americans everywhere. It is yet another exposure of the (D) hand: campaign on one thing, execute something altogether different. Similar to these gems:

  • “We don’t have a border crisis, and illegal aliens are better than our own citizens” is another – until faced with them being bused into their so-called “sanctuary cities”. Then it becomes “Trump is cruel!” and “That would put everybody at risk!”
  • Bernie “Medicare For All But Socialism Only For You” Sanders makes a million or two and only pays the minimum tax under a tax plan he voted AGAINST, but you? You’re expected to give 52% to the government under his plan.

There’s hypocrisy enough in just the upper echelons of that party to suffice for the whole country.


No. We only worship God.

7 April 2019

French Priest’s 150-Year-Old Heart Being Worshipped in NYC – US News & World Report, sourced from the Associated Press

Just to prove it is not only the sociopolitical front in which the MSN gets everything wrong, we have this. The MSM once again demonstrates how they will allow their opinions and prejudices to interfere with their job of reporting the news instead of interpreting it. (Why this centuries-old practice is even “news” will be left for a future discussion.)

Catholics, of which I am one, worship only God. We do not worship “idols” in the statues and relics in our churches any more than you believe a photograph of your loved one is actually that person rather than a simple representation to remind you of them. Praying to saints isn’t worshiping them – it is asking for their intercession on our behalf with our Judge much in the same way a lawyer intercedes on your behalf with a judge in a courtroom.

And we don’t “worship” the 150-year-old heart of a priest.

At its basis, the Catholic tradition of relics is simply an institutionalized manifestation of the human inclination to keep things to remind them of lost loved ones. These relics are taken from those recognized as being holier than the run-of-the-mill Catholic for whatever reason. But they are venerated as opposed worshiped. They are treated with great respect and reverence – much like how you would handle great great Aunt Sally’s crystal vase, handed down through generations, when taking it out to show someone.

See the difference?


And there ya go, Flake!

2 April 2019

“Look at the long term, at what you’re doing for the party… ” – Failed politician Jeff Flake

And there, Jeffy-boy, is your problem: had you been looking at what you were doing for the country rather than what you were doing for yourself, your “brand”, or “the party”, perhaps people wouldn’t label you with things like “failed politician”, “Judas goat”, or “that moron”.