Lemonazard, I Choose You!

“If you don’t take umbrage with the president of the United States misleading you, the attorney general of the United States misleading you — lying, both of them — then what are you gonna take issue with? What are you gonna have a problem with? When you’re supposed to be the party of the rule of law, when you have a president and the attorney general who are not fighting for the rule of law but who are carrying the water for indecent and inappropriate and possibly even unlawful behavior, what is gonna upset you?”

—CNN’s Don Lemon

How about we take issue with YOU? How does that suit you? When I look for disinformation and flat out lies, I look in two directions: the democrats, and their propaganda arm: the mainstream media.

Frankly, I don’t believe Trump is beyond reproach, but I also don’t believe he nor Barr are lying. “Russian collusion” was created out of whole cloth by Clinton’s campaign, and has been kept alive by YOU and the idiots in Washington. Obstruction of justice? There is no justice in false accusations. How can there be obstruction in resisting it? And, by the way, reading through the head inquisitor’s report: there wasn’t any obstruction of that injustice, either.

I watched the Kavanaugh hearings and saw all the trumped up (pardon the pun) accusations and “evidence”. I heard Waters and Pelosi and Schumer and especially Nadler and Schiff pile lie upon lie until they discovered they were already proven wrong (though Waters, Nadler and Schiff haven’t quite figured out that last bit). And I see you people repeating their lies and providing them with cover.

But it didn’t start there. It’s been thus for DECADES. Personally, I cannot remember a single journalist in my lifetime whom I would call a “reporter”. Every damn one is an interpreter and their interpretation has always leaned so far to the left as to demonstrate OBVIOUS bias.

Frankly, you and the rest of your ilk disgust me. No wonder newspapers and “news shows” are a dying breed.

Good riddance.


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