Indeed, WaPo. Indeed…

Democracy Dies in Darkness

– The Washington Post’s slogan

Agreed. It dies in the darkness of a misused Department of Justice. It dies in the darkness of the cover used by politicized agents and officials in attempting to use the machinery of our government to unseat a duly elected president. It dies in the face of the hubris of individuals too self-important to see that what they are doing is immoral, illegal, and highly unethical.

It dies when a party grasps for power even when the people have decided they should not have that power. It dies when a party focuses its entire being on obstructing the efforts of duly-elected officials in executing the duties of their office.

It dies when a party purchases documents made of whole-cloth lies, and foists this document as evidence. It dies when useful idiots, such as John McCain, carry these falsehoods forward, like the pawn of the left he was, providing just the shade they need to “legitimize” their efforts.

It dies when a party can conduct show trials against those who deliver the bad news that their affront to this country, its laws, and its constitution will not stand. It dies when those charged with conducting an investigation refuse to draw the obvious conclusions from their work for political reasons.

But, mostly , it dies when the electorate chooses immoral, unethical, criminal, and unintelligent people who are running for office for unpatriotic reasons to represent them. This is the greater threat to our democratic republic – that there are those who have voted for, and will continue to vote for such as these. And what is scarier still is that these actions are not in darkness, except, perhaps, a darkness of intellect…


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