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Senile Ex-President Says Trump Illegitimate

28 June 2019

I don’t think any more than that headline is required. How they believe a jackass who is the second worst president in the recent history of these United States – whose every policy made the US weaker, and the citizenry more miserable – remains – or ever was – relevant is far beyond me. EVERYTHING investigated has indicated that the “Russian interference” in our elections was ineffectual – except within the minds of the deranged and, apparently, the senile.

You want to talk about Russian interference in our elections? Talk about Øbama, who ignored it. Talk about Clinton who profited from it. And talk about Clapper and Comey, who invented it…


What? Not good enough for you?

6 June 2019

So, am I the only one to note that Google chose to ignore the 75th anniversary of the event that is one of the main reasons we’re not all goose-stepping and speaking German? Am I the only one to notice that they did not see fit to place value on the huge sacrifice made on the beaches and land surrounding Normandy which, for the most part, broke the hold the Nazis (that’s the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, by the way) had on Europe?

Huh! How odd…


PS: I did note that they also chose not to honor any of their global leftist favorites today as well. Maybe that was their tribute to those who perished on that day so long ago?

Of Oaths and Betrayals

4 June 2019

“The president hasn’t just refused to condemn a foreign power that attacked our democracy. He’s also failed to protect the country’s voting systems against future attacks. He betrays his oath every day.”

—Hillary Clinton

Aside from the obvious irony in that statement, there is only one other point worthy of note: Barack Hussein Øbama was president – and assuring the people that no sane person could possibly believe a foreign power could do so – when Russia was meddling in our elections.

So tell me a again, Hillary, just exactly who it was who betrayed his oath every day, and with just about every executive order he wrote?

Yeah. I didn’t think you’d thought that through…